Technique Shoot 1-Color Gels

As part of our self research we were asked to create a mood board containing images of what we thought self was and what it meant . From this mood board we were asked to find four photographic techniques or photoshop techniques that we like and that we could try out in experimental shoots as part of our research.

One of the pictures that I chose for my experiments involved colour gels. Colour gels is a studio photographic technique where you have a coloured piece of acetate and then you cover the light with it and when you take your picture the flash will flood through the ge and enhance your image with coloured light and can change the atmosphere and mood of an image. They are mainly used in photography to represent moods and emotions to accompany facial expressions and body language. They can also be used to add colour to an image. You can also put the gels over your camera lens if you go on location for a shoot or if your shooting outside of a studio or somewhere with a studio set up or studio lighting. This will still add a slight bit of odour but because it is not covering the flag it won’t enhance the colour as much as it would when you are using the studio lights. The picture below is why I used from my mood board as inspiration for my colour gel experimental shoot.


As this was an experimental shoot they didn’t have to be perfect images but I still wanted to make them look as i still had to present them and show my progress from one to another image. For my shoot I used to colour gels to help add colour and emotion to the image I only used one or two different colours as it didn’t have to be a big shoot with amazing final pictures. For this shoot I used a canon 1200D with a 18-55mm lens and I used the gel over the flash. This is good as it means that if I use on or two more gels in another shoot then it will show that I have made some progression. I have left my three best images below from my colour gel experimental shoot.



I think that my shoot went very well, I got a lot of good different images from my shoot considering that they were only experiments I had already used  colour gels before so I knew how to use them properly and what to expect. I think that the good thing about my shoot was that I was able to get some good images from it and they ask looked really good with colour gels. The only bad thing is that I didn’t experiment with many different colours to represent more a wider range of different emotions and I think this would be one of the things I would do differently if I had to do this shoot again.


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