Project Proposal

For our current project we have been asked to focus on the subject self. We have been learning a lot about this subject in relation to its meaning and how you can apply it to photography. We have done a bit of research into it and how different photographers use self in their images and the meaning in relation to self behind their images. We have also done research into what we think self is by creating mood boards and also a mind map to express the meaning and the thoughts of self and how we can apply it to photography. As part of this project we have been asked to create a series of images that relate self and connect to it and this can be anything to do with self. For this project I will create a series of 5-10 images that are all self related. To create these images I will use my research and other research sources that I have studied as inspiration for my work in order to make it a lot better. I will also look at a variety of different photographers work and use this as inspiration also.

For my ‘Self Project’ I have decided to create a series of images that will use food, colour and also emotions to show different mental states of mind that the person has at the time. I will use emotions to show what type of meal a person would have if they were feeling any sort of emotion and link them together in order to show mental states of mind. When I was researching about self and what it means I discovered mental illness and also how lots of people have a wide variety of different emotions and also different mental states so I used this finding from my research as an inspiration for my project. I also looked at different photographers for this idea but the one that I found most helpful was Celia A Shapiro and her project the last meal. It shows a variety of different people’s choices and what their last meal would be if they had to choose. This type of thing also relates to self and I thought it would be really good to use something that is already related to self as inspiration for my project as at least it was something that really related to the project and that wouldn’t be completely different to what I wanted to do. The way she photographs her food in  a studio environment with the same background in each photo really inspired me and I know that I would like to do something similar in my photo shoot for self. I have also used a range of different photography techniques and how you can use a variety of different cameras and accessories to create different types of images. I have also done a lot of studio work and worked outside the studio a little bit with a fill flash so I think I would be confident either way in my shoot in or out of the studio. I think that if I wanted to do my shoot outside of the studio then I would need to practice with fill flash a lot more to make sure I am completely confident with it as I have not used it much before. I have also never done much food photography before so it would be good to do an experimental shoot with food photography and also maybe do an experimental shoot with fill flash photography to make sure I am fully confident using both techniques. For my shoot I will try to use a wide variety of different angles and shot types to make my work look a lot more interesting  because I don’t want to be using the same shot type all the time and with certain shots I might find different angles work a lot better than others.

For my shoot I will use a variety of different foods and I think it is good to use food rather than models or people in the shoot because it lets the meaning shine through the food and it also takes away the stereo typical meaning away from self and it represents the subject in a different way compared to the obvious.

I would like to also use color a lot in my shoot as it reall helps to represent emotion aswell as the food in the images as well. I have used color in my shoots a lot before and I am very confident in using it and I think it will give my images a lot more depth and help to represnet the mental state that I am focusing on a lot more. I don’t even have to use a certain coloured food for this I can also use different coloured props like a plate, table cloth, background, knife and fork or even something as simple as a tissue and change it every time to show a different mental state or emotion.

I would like to try and set my shoot outside of the studio as I have done a lot of studio shoots before now and I would like to try and complete my shoot outside the studio so I can experiment with it a lot more and gain a bit more experience using it. It will also give me the chance to use different forms of ligthing and flashes because it will be outside of the studio. For this shoot if I do it outside of the studio then it will give me a chance to use a fill flash on my camera and this will give me the chance to use it properly for a shoot rather than just practisicng using it for little shoots as experiments.

So I will gain a lot of skils from the project as I will be using a variety of different shot types and also angles, using a fill flash in a proper shoot for the first time and also I will be using food and color together in a shoot to show mental state and emotion which I have not done much of before.

The emotions  and eating types that I will try and incorporate into my shoot using food and colour will be-

  • Health- some people eat differently because of their dietary requirements, whether their lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant or allergic to nuts, they may eat differently to help keep on top of their health.
  • Comfort Eating- a lot of people like to comfort eat when their feeling down or upset and its usally things like hearty meals and fatty food that the will reach for to make them feel a lot better.
  • Happiness- This can be anything from bright colours and different coloured foods. Or this can even be asking people what different foods make them happy and photograph these all together.
  • Special Occasions- people also have meals spefically for special occasions like christmas, easter, sundays and also they have special meals as rewards  for different things or as celebrations for things too. This would usually include something like a roast dinner or a meal from a resturant.

All of these different things I will be able to show through different meals and items of food and also use color in this to show emotions that you may be feeling at this time aswell.

The equipment that I will need to use to for my shoot is-

  • Canon DSLR 1200D with 18-55mm lens
  • Fill Flash Attached To The Camera
  • A range of different foods
  • Tripod
  • A table set up made to look like a home dining room table

I will use the table as my set up and to make it look a lot more believeable as a real meal I will try and make it look like a dining room table. I will also use a tripod to steady my camera and avoid camera shake. I will use the fill flahs as my lighitng source and obviously alll the different foods I will use as all my different set ups.

There is no real major cost to my project when I think about it but the only thing that I might need to spend money on would be if I need to buy any additional food or props to use in my shoot or if I can’t borrow a fill flash from somewhere then a cost would be me needing to purchase one to use.

From my shoot I am hoping to get around 10 final shots which is around 2 per emotion/mental state that I will focus on.  I think this is a decent nuber of images and will give me enough to evaluate on and pick points in.

I hope that my shoot goes well and I will try to stick to my plan as much as possible so that I can end up with the right amount of images that I want and also to make sure that they are the best quality to be able to evaluate them and present them.

In order to be able to stick to my deadline and get all my shots done in time for the deadline then I will try and take pictures of meals and food when they become avalible to me and take pictures at all different times before the deadline for example if I have a certain meal or a peice of food that I know that I want to photograph then I will take the picture there and then rather than having one day deticated to shooting and having to prepare loads of different foods at once that could end up costing a lot of money and I would also end up with a lot of wastage and rubbish.

I think staggering my project over a few weeks or days will really help me keep on top of my work and I won’t be really streesed out a few days before the project is due that I haven’t done any of my work and that I will have to prepare and make all my food in that one day and be under pressure to get the perfect images in such a small amount of time.

The 10 shots I have taken I will put along with all of my other pictures that I took as tests or experiments and put them all into one contact sheet so that I can use this as evidence that i actually completed the shoot and that I took more than my 10 final images.

With my 10 final images I will edit them and retouch them if I really feel that they need to be or if something went wrong with the images then I can change it or crop it on photoshop so that I can have  the best results from my shoot. I will then present my final images in a gallery along with my contact sheets in my self project evaluation.

I hope that my shoot goes well and that I manage to get the right amount of images that I need  and want to present. I hope that I manage to stick to my pln and everything that I need to use on my shoot so that I can get thebest images out of my shoot that I can. I also hope that I can meet the deadline and keep my work load to a minimum by trying to take images as often as I can so that I dont have that much to complete a few days before the project is due, I have done this previously with projects and I feel that it really effected my final work results.


























































































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