‘Self’ Experimental Shoot Plan 2

For my second experimental shoot plan for the topic self I have decided to focus on a photographer called Celia A. Shapiro she has a variety of different abstract photography projects including ‘The Last Supper’,’Demons’ and also ‘Female Force’. But the project of hers that I have decided to focus on is called ‘Party Time’. Looking at this project I initially thought about all the different glasses shown in her pictures and all of the different drink that could be served in them. At a party everyone is different in what they drink and once they have had a drink it can change their personality and also it can reflect in their behavior. During my research into ‘Self’ and the different aspects of it I found out that self can be related to mind, body language and also personality and all these things is something the drink either alcoholic or non alcoholic can have an affect on especially at parties as everyone is crowded together and its a big room full of different personalities.

So for my Self shoot I wanted to use her work as inspiration to create a series of images that will look kind of similar but not exactly like her work that will show how different drinks that people have at parties can have a real knock on effect on their mind, body language and their personality. For this shoot I will use a variety of different glasses and drinks and also some different props to help represent the change in personality of different people. This also helps to represent stereotypes of people at parties which is also another key aspect of self that I found out from research and I feel that at parties there are always a wide variety of different stereotypes and I think that I can really represent them through my self project.

The different stereotypes that I have thought of for my shot are:

  • The really heavy drink,mixes a lot of different drinks and is usually a man.
  • The driver who is usually drinking a soft drink or water and will sometimes have one to drink if there feeling in the mood.
  • The girl who is usually drunk on wine and sometimes causes a fight.
  • The lightweight who gets drunk on one drink
  • The person who is always on the shots, all night
  • the underage drinker who tries to sneak in a little drink.
  • the rowdy little kids.

These are the stereotypes that I will base my shoot on and I will try to get a good shot for all of these stereotypes using just glasses, drinks and props.

I have included a few pictures which I am using as inspiration for my experimental shoot.

This work is all by Celia A Shapiro and is from her project called ‘Party Time’

The equipment I will need for this shoot is:

  • A variety of different glasses.
  • A variety of different drinks
  • Party Related Props
  • Canon Camera
  • 18-55mm Lens
  • A tripod- for certain shots

Depending on how the lighting and the background is in the pictures, I may have to adjust it using Photoshop and  I may also use Photoshop to add other things in if I feel that the photo needs it.



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