Experimental Shoot 1 Evaluation

These are the contact sheets for my experimental shoot for self. My idea for my shoot was to recreate one of the pictures that I found during my research. I found the picture really inspirational because it expresses self and mind really well in terms of showing how photography can show into someones mind and express their thoughts through images.

I then took this image and decided to recreate it but using my own model and my own pictures to show the inside of their thoughts and their mind, this is the picture that I used as my inspiration from my research.4c33dafd43ff3891538f20e39cb18384

I tried as hard as I could to get the pictures similar but not exactly the same so it didn’t look copied. Also to try and widen my skills during this shoot I decided to take the pictures with a blank wall in front of the model and then edit the images in that I have taken separately to add a variety of different layers and it will also show my photoshop skills.

I did my shoot using my Canon DSLR camera and I used a 18-55mm lens of the camera and using this camera enabled me to use a wide variety of different settings and I was also able to manually change my ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed so that it could adjust properly to my surroundings and make my background and also my images look a lot more pure and clear. I did test the set settings on my camera against my set up, some of them did work of but then a lot of different ones required the flash and using the flash made it too bright and made the whole image very over exposed and white. I used a natural light coming through fro either side of the hallway. However halfway through my shoot the natural lighting was constantly changing  so i decided to block out most if not all of the natural light that was coming in by closing curtains, blinds and doors. This made the lighting a lot more easier to control and change if I needed to.

I think my shoot went really well as i was able to test out each of my settings on my camera to see how they fitted with my images and how different things on my camera affected my background and the way my model looked in my images. I feel that I got a good amount of decent pictures from my shoot and even though I wasn’t happy with some I was a lot more happy with the good ones.

I feel that if I could do the shoot again I would use a different setting, I would use a studio next time as there is a lot better set up and there wold be a lot better lighting, equipment and I would be able to create something a lot similar and closer to the image that I have looked at in my research. I would also add the pictures in to the image at the same time as taking them rather than editing them in because i found it quite hard to take pictures and edit them in because it was so had to take the right sort of picture that I could easily crop cut around and insert into my first image.

Below are my final 4 image that I took.

.I have also included the final edited image which I took and created Photoshop.

IMG_7803 copy.jpg


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