Progression From College

There are many different routes that you can take after education at college in order for you to progress further but there are also some different experience and entry requirements for you to do these certain things. There are many different routes you can go down such as University, Apprenticeships, Freelance Photography or even employment into photography or a different industry.

  • Degree in Photography at UAL and the entry requirement for this is 200 Ucas Points.
  • Degree in Fine Art at Brighton University and to get into this course you need two distinctions and a merit based on a btec college course.
  • Degree in Graphic Design in Edinburgh University  to be successful in this course you need Merit from an extended diploma course in art and design.
  • FreeLance/Self Employed Photography you need experience in photography and the funding to be able to keep your business going and to buy your own equipment
  • Studio Owner for this you need experience in studios and how they work/operate you also need to have experience in owning your own business so you are able to keep it up and running.
  • Apprenticeship in photography you need a variety of different skills for this and every employer is different, one apprenticeship that I have looked at needs skills such as, good telephone manner, enthusiasm, good communication skills and the willingness to try new things.
  • Job as a photographers assistant where you did your apprentice ship, because you made good connections with your apprentice employer you can go on to being employed by them.
  • Getting a higher position in your job and being promoted as you go and as you learn more from your employer.
  • You could go on to teach others your knowledge and become a photography teach either in a school, college or a university and to be able to get a job as a successful photography teacher you will need a bachelors degree and a master degree in photography.
  • Work for a photography editing department for magazines and newspapers as they are constantly editing and retouching different photos to make them suitable for there magazine articles and front covers.



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