Photographic Techniques & Shoot Plan

From my mood board I have looked at the different images on the mood board and found that a few of them contain different photographic and Photoshop techniques. Some of these techniques I have never done before but as part of our project we have been asked to test them using our own images to see if they are things that we could actually do whether they are techniques that are used on Photoshop or that can be applied whilst actually doing the shoot.


This image uses a Photoshop techniques and it just involves cutting a part out of a picture  and moving it over to where the person has there hands positioned. The way that I could recreate this could be by using a model and cut out a certain body part using any shape and then either getting rid of it completely or moving it over to somewhere else in the picture to make it look as if though they have taken part of their body or their face out of them and moved it somewhere else. Another way in which I could recreate this would be to photograph two different models together and make it look as if though one of the people had taken part of the others face or body. It would be good to test this as I have never done something like this before.


This image also uses another Photoshop technique where you can have one image as you base and add other images to it to create definition and layers to an image. A way in which I could create create this would be to photograph a model and lots of different words phrases or objects in separate pictures to start with and then after that add them in all together on Photoshop to create a layered image. I could take it in many different routes either by doing something for self confidence or bullying or even to show someones inner emotions. I would use one model with a really plain and blank expression on their face and also their body language. Then take some pictures of different word and phrases whether they are happy or sad related and then put them into Photoshop with my original image and merge them together to created a layered image to show inner emotions. I have done something like this on Photoshop before so it would be really good to learn more by doing it again.

Image result for self photography

This image also uses another Photoshop technique and it is used by using a picture of someone taken in color with a dark background in color then put in complete black and white on Photoshop. Then you can select a certain part of the image and revert it back to the original color to show how you can have inner beauty and how people can be a different person being the darkness. I would recreate this to show how someone can be brought up from the darkness and be happy again. I have done something like this before so it would be really easy for me to work it out and do it.

Image result for emotion photography using color gels

This image uses a studio photography technique which is color gel. The way you do this is by using studio lighting and then using a color gel sheet over the top of the studio light  and when you take the picture the light will flash over the top of the color sheet and make the whole picture the color of the sheet. This technique is either used to add color to an image using lighting. Or it can be use color d to add emotion to a picture for example the image that is included shows negative emotion where as if you used a bright color it would would be used to show a positive emotion. I have done something like this before so ti would be easily something for me to test out again or recreate.




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