Self Experimental Shoot Plan

For my experimental shoot I am going to recreate one of the images that i found during my research and put my own twist and use different photos to help express that persons personality and use photos that are significant and special to them. I will use the same layout as the picture that I found in my research but it will just have a different person in the picture and there thoughts will be projected in front of them to make it look like there thoughts are coming out of there head like a thought or an emotion bubble. I will then put these pictures together to make a series of images that will show different people, different thoughts and different emotions.

As I will be doing my shoot at home I will be using natural lighting and a plain white or black background. I will test my images using both different backgrounds and see which background the images come out better on because depending on how the natural light looks there might be more light on the black rather than the white and visa versa so the images might come out a lot better on different backgrounds depending on the lighting.

Below is the image that I have used for my inspiration for my shoot and that I will base my shoot on.


I will need to use some different equipment for my shoot to help me get a really good image and to get it looking a lot like the image I have based my shoot on.

The equipment I will need is listed below

  • Camera-using a 18-35mm lens
  • Tripod- To hold up the proper camera
  • A few different models
  • Lots of different picture preferably related to the different models so it has more meaning and relevance.
  • Blu-Tack or Sellotape
  • Second tripod to help hold up the second camera for the picture.
  • Second camera for use in the image.
  • Black Background
  • White Background

As this shoot is only an experimental shoot i will not need to edit any of the final images because I am only testing out some of my different ideas. But so they are organised and I am able to evaluate them easier I will use photoshop to put them onto a contact sheet so that they are all laid out together on one page.

I will then evaluate this shoot to see whether it is suitable to me to use as my final idea and whether I need to change anything next time to make it look a lot better or to make it more meaningful or express the message better.

I think this shoot will go quite well as it has a really simple set up involved and it will not take me long to do it because it just requires me to change the model and the photos for each image and it won’t require me to change any of the lighting or the angles of the camera for each shot.



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