Case Studies

Case Study 1


Artist-Aria Sheeks

Genre-Self Portrait

Audience- Artists and Portrait Photographers

Purpose- I believe that the purpose of this image is to show inner feelings and emotions. The different words and clippings from magazines and newspapers featured in this image is to represent the amount of feelings and emotions that run through some ones body on the inside and what they really feel compared to what they show when they are around others.

Analysis- I think that the sitter in this picture wanted to be portrayed in a way that would show their emotions in a basic way and how they would really show it rather than be put into an emotion that wouldn’t really describe and show them off that much. I feel that the way the sitter has been positioned shows a really deep but basic emotion its a basic position to be sat in but it can show a variety of different emotions and feelings that they could be feeling but not want it to show to others. For example this position can either show that the sitter is feeling upset, down, depressed or even suicidal. Because they are hiding there face it is hard to show what they are really feeling deep down so the words and phrases that have been scattered across there body really shows what they are feeling. When people don’t show their emotions in a very expressive way some people just think that they are okay and that they don’t need any help or someone to talk to, but the amount of words shown in this picture shows the audience that you shouldn’t judge someone by their outer emotions because they could be feeling a lot worse and a lot more confused inside but they just don’t want to show it. I think that this is the message that both the sitter and the artist wanted to show and they did a really good job of expressing this because the way the sitter is sat the really are showing the true emotions and it looks real compared to some photos because some of the emotions in certain pictures look really fake and they don’t show the message as well as the artist or the photographer may have planned because the sitter can’t portray the emotions or feelings well enough. I really like this piece and it inspires me to do more emotion photography because you can show a range of different emotions through just one simple pose and you can add different elements and things to it to make it a lot more complex and give it a lot more depth and meaning. I think I would use this image towards my ideas for my final shoot as it really shows self and it has a really deep and thoughtful meaning and message which i think that I would be able to recreate either using the same emotions or a lot of different emotions in a series of different images.



Genre-Self Portrait


Purpose- The purpose of this image is to show that the camera can be used to help express  a variety of different thoughts and feelings and it can help to express your personality and your memories through different images and pictures. This picture is set up almost like how a gun shot would be set up with the gun pointing to the head and the blood scattered in front of the persons head to make it look as if though they have been shot.

Analysis- I think the sitter in this image helps to structure the image a lot more and give it a lot more depth and meaning because it allows it to have a divide between the camera which is made to look like a gun and then the pictures in front of him which is made to look like blood scattered in front of him. This picture shows that like how a gun would blow a big hole in your head and let out a lot of blood, a camera can be used to go through your head and express a lot of different thoughts through pictures, the flash on a camera is  almost like a bullet and it goes right through someones thoughts and head to create a wide variety of different images that could represent a variety of different things. For example the pictures could be used to represent someone’s thoughts, feelings, memories or to represent something significant in there life that they find hard to express or hard to talk about, but it could be really easy for them to express that situation or part of their life through different photographs. I think the artist in this image has shown that if you have a mind block or you find it hard to express your mind through speech you can do it through photos. I think that the camera in this image is significant because it its pointing right to the back of the persons head and looking through the lens you are able to see exactly what they are thinking and whats going on in their mind. It shows that a camera is such a significant part of equipment because it is able to help people express and you can get right into someones thoughts and feelings and help them release things that maybe they couldn’t before because they found it quite difficult or hard to explain themselves. I really like this image as it is really creative as they have used a scene set up that could sometimes be seen as quite negative and a bad thing and turned it into an expressive and positive set up and made the initial bad thought into something positive and a lot more expressive. I am going to use this image as inspiration for my final shoot and idea as i think ti is really creative and something that I could recreate to show a few other peoples thoughts.



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