This is my mood board which annotates my ideas about self portrait, self and also self photography I looked at a number of different artists and photographers and used their work that stood out to me and was significant in a mood board to express my ideas and my interpretation on what self is and what it means. I put a load of images together and these are what I think that self and self portrait means. There is also a meaning behind all of the different photos which relate to self and also give a message about what the image is portraying or what I think it portrays.

I have chosen to analyse some of the images from my mood board to explain their meaning and there relation to the self project.

This first image i found online is of a man with a camera pointing to the back of his head and a variety of different photos scattered in front of him on the wall. The picture is almost a replica of if you was to have a gun pointing to the back of someones head and then blood was pouring from the front of there head. But instead in this photo they use a camera and some pictures rather than a gun and some blood. The meaning behind this image is that you can use photography to really express your ideas, thoughts and emotions and this is what this image represents. The camera represents the gun that would normally be in this type of image and the shutter button on this camera is like the trigger which send a shot and flash through this persons brain. Therefore the images in front of him represent the blood that should of been and the evidence from the impact are the shots. This images shows how something as simple as a camera could help to really express you thoughts and emotions through an image.
This next image represents happiness and self confidence. The image shows a girl who has made herself look completely different in the face by using makeup. It then shows her removing it by taking a cotton pad and making a big streak in her face to take it off. This shows a clear difference between her natural face and also her face which has been made up. This image shows that you don’t have to hide behind a ton of make up to make yourself look better or feel more confident about you look or yourself in general. It also shows that you can always make yourself look like two completely different people using make up and face paints. This relates to self because it shows that people can have two different faces and you can meet two different people even though it is only one. It also relates because it shows that people hide behind there real self because they don’t feel confident or don’t feel happy with themselves and the way they look.
This next image represents inner feelings and emotions. It shows a person with there head in their knees looking really down and upset because they have all those emotions running them and it has taken over their whole body so they just can’t cope with it anymore. The words are scattered all over their body and it shows a complete take over. This image relates a lot to self because it shows how a person really feels inside when they are down or upset. They can be thinking so many different things and this photo really represents this because of the amount of words and phrases this person has scattered across their whole body. This picture is a really good picture for self because it shows that you shouldn’t judge someone when they are upset or unhappy because they might have a lot more going on inside which they can’t express what they are feeling inside and what they are truly feeling.
This image shows a girl who has had a picture taken of herself and has had a piece of her face which looks like a puzzle piece that has been removed from her face. This image relates to self as it shows that everyone is made up of lots of different pieces. Almost like a puzzle. Because of the fact that everyone is made up of different puzzle peices it shows that if one is removed we don’t look the same and they way our face or our bodies look is completely different because a big part of us has been removed from the puzzle. For example in the photo the girl has had a chunk of her face removed so she doesn’t look the same as normal and her puzzle isn’t complete. This really relates to self because it shows that everyones body is made up of many different pieces and when big things happen that affect people it can either damage or destroy their puzzle there for affecting their personality¬†and there body.
This picture shows a persons head shot that is exposing what is really inside their head and their mind. For example in this picture it shows a zip around the persons head and it has been undone to expose the person inner mind which is the exact same person but you can see more of their body and what they look like as their body goes down. The bigger person in this image looks very confused as if to almost question why this person is in his head and his mind. This represents mind and self because it shows that sometime people are confused by their mind and their inner voice and when it comes to hard things like making decisions and planning things they may not listen to their mind and their inner voice but they then go wight their own decisions and their own mind which can sometimes send you down the wrong path and lead you the wrong way to bad decisions. This picture shows that every one has a contiance and an inner voice in their head but they don’t always follow their advice or listen to it carefully.
This image represents Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil. It shows a man holding two beds either side of his own and they both look the exact same as his. On the three different heads there is tape either covering the ears,mouth or eyes. The meaning of this is to do good and the different heads mean a different thing. For example the head that represents see no evil means that that person will see the good in things and always take good actions in life rather than something that could be seen as really evil or bad. Then the head with his ears covered represents someone that always hears good things from and about people and hears nothing evil about anyone or anything. Finally the head with his mouth covered makes no evil verbal action towards people and he only praises and says good things to people rather than evil hurtful things.
This image is by a photographer called Flora Borsi who does a range of different types of photography including this type of photography which is real life photoshop and applying photo shop tools to real life activities. It shows how people use photoshop as a barrier in there pictures to make themselves look better because there are so many different tweaks and adjustments you can make on photoshop so that you can be a lot more confident about yourself in terms of your body and your facial features. This picture is an example of using the smudge tool in real life. The lady in the lipstick is applying lipstick but has used the ‘smudge tool’ to adjust the look of her lipstick and how it appears across her face. Even though it is a negative way of using photo shop it is still a prime example of how people use photo shop as this is a very popular tool that people use to smudge the background of pictures or anything that they are not happy with but can’t change whilst they are taking the picture. This image relates to self as it shows how people don’t use their natural and original images any more they hide behind this layer of photoshop that can make them feel a lot more confident and happy about themselves because they are getting rid of everything they are not happy with in the picture.

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