Gregory Crewdson- Self Imagery Group Work


This image was taken by Gregory Crewdson. In the image, there is a boy looking up into the sky. In front of him is a bridge which is a lot taller than him, and he is in a forest. He is looking up at light which seems to be coming down from the sky. In the far distance there are people. The forest around him looks very green and magical and vibrant. Behind the boy the area looks very misty and foggy and the trees aren’t as vibrant. Its almost like they are fading away.

Gregory Crewdsons photoshoots are almost like movie sets. He has a huge crew helping him set up his images, e.g lighting, equipment.  Most of the lighting in his images such as this one is artificial. In this image the light that is shining onto the boy is artificial light that Crewdson has put there to create the effect that he wanted. The area in front of the bridge is a lot darker as it isn’t lit up by bright lights. The light is set up that way so that the boy is lit up but the area around him isn’t.

Crewdson works in a way that is closer to the way an artist works. His images are very set up and original. He makes things look the way he wants them to look, and changes things if he doesn’t like them. Such as the lighting. The bright light and the boy weren’t there originally, but Crewdson decided that he wanted them in his image. Crewdson had to make sure everything was perfect to create the image that he wanted. He used a lot of equipment to create his image and spent a lot of time on it. He didn’t just go out for 2 hours and create the image. It takes

”The photographer, Gregory Crewdson, scouted the spot under a Massachusetts railroad bridge for a month, and a crew of about 40 people spent days setting up the shot. The illumination comes from lights suspended from cranes, and the fog rises from hidden machines. Crewdson instructed the boy, who had been hanging around the bridge, to imagine “a dream world where everything is perfect.” (Smithsonian Mag).

The image was taken in a forest outside, so Crewdson had to find the location that he wanted to set up his image in.  The image was taken to make people look at his images because they are so out of this world and unique.

Crewdsons images tell a story, but he says himself that when he is creating an image he doesnt come up with the story. Its up to the audience to decide what is going on in the image. You could interpret it as something coming from the sky such as something paranormal or alien or religious. If you took it in a religious way you could say god is coming down from the sky, or an angel. Or a UFO landing from the sky and the boy is looking up at it. You could interpret it in any way you want.

The photograph was taken in the late evening/night as the parts of the image that aren’t lit up with the artificial light at dark, so it must have been dark outside. The bright light coming down on the boy is the brightest part of the image. The darkness in the woods and trees around him make the image look eerie and like the boy is alone in some sort of abandoned forest. I love this image because of how much it is up to interpretation.


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