Case Study Of Work Experience

First Day- Really liked the people that I met on my first day and really enjoyed working with them a lot of the time. I really liked the environment that in as it was quite small and not too frightening and daunting for me

Mistakes Made-On my first day the mistakes I made were forgetting to fill in a form that I needed to bring in with me. Also I forgot how to do something that I was asked to do and ended up doing it completely wrong.

Successes Achieved- On my first day I was successful because I got all my allocated jobs done on time and I did them to a high standard and the best of my ability which meant I was given praise by my boss.

Lessons Learnt- On my first day I learnt to do basic things around the store and I learnt a lot about photography shops and how they work and what goes on inside one. These lessons I learned helped me on the rest of the week to get tasks done quickly because I already knew what I had to do. 


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