Shoot Comparisons

Before my FMP final shoot I conducted 3 experimental shoots which would test out my different ideas and it would also teach me what my idea was about and how my ideas worked and what I could do to improve them or what I could add to make them a lot better.

My first experimental shoot was about nature and I kept it very simple to start off with just to see if my idea was to work or not. I found a poem on the internet and analysed it to see what different shots I could get from it. I shot on location at Harlow Town Park and I took full advantage of my surroundings and shot most of the nature and followed the poem along to guide me. I thought it was really useful as it introduced me to my idea and what it would be like to shoot that type of thing for my final shoot. I would have liked longer to shoot as I feel that I didn’t get enough images but I still found it very useful. I have included some images from that shoot.

My second FMP experimental shoot was based around emotions. The reason I chose to base my second shoot on something completely different is because I wanted a back up plan for my project just in case I didn’t like what I got out of my nature shoots or something went wrong and I couldn’t change anything.  So I still stuck with one genre that I wanted to do which was Poetry so I added emotions to it rather than nature. The poem I chose was only short but it was enough for me to get around 20 shots from it. I found it a lot easier to shoot as I have worked with a variety of different emotions in photography before so I knew what I was doing. I think this shoot was really different to my first one but it still gave me a back up plan and a second idea to go along with if anything was to go wrong with my original idea. In comparison to my first shoot I think this one was a lot better because it was something that I had touched on before and this is what made it a lot easier because I knew what I was doing and the poem had some really clear emotions. However I think that my first shoot was also a little bit better than my second as where I took such a wide range of images of lots of different things I had more things that I could to with them when it came to editing and I could get a wide range of images that were edited in so many different ways. I have included some images from this shoot.

My third experimental shoot was back to being based on nature and I still tried to add a different element to it to mix it up a bit and see what elements I could add to it to make it a lot better. I decided to add colour  as I think colour is a fun element to add in photography because you can pick so many different colours to photograph but then you can completely change it afterwards to a different colour by editing it in photo shop. I think that the shoot went really well and the poem has given me a chance to add a new element to my final project.I found it really easy to shoot these images as the poem was quite short and straight forward and it clearly stated the colours throughout and all I had to really do was find something on my location that was related to that colour and then shoot it and try and make it creative. It also gave me a chance to really get into editing a set of images and with this shoot I was able to edit quite a lot and experiment with changing the colours or making one colour brighter in the whole image and it was really good because on other shoots that I have done I haven’t really had the opportunity to go this far into editing in terms of changing and enhancing colours in an image. In comparison to my first shoot I thought that they were quite similar and they were both to do with nature in some way, shape or form. But then I also feel that they were quite different because in the first shoot I was mainly focusing on nature and photographing a wide range of things that I could find in a park and because I was in one set location that had everything that I needed for that shoot I didn’t really have any limits to what I could shoot because I could just take a picture of anything in the park because it was all to do with nature. But then in my third shoot I was focusing mainly on colour and because I had to find something to shoot that was a certain colour, so I had limits to the different things that I could shoot so it was a little bit more difficult. In comparison to this shoot and my second shoot I thought that they were very different because they were to do with two completely different things and they were very different in there own unique way. I have included photos from my final experimental shoot.

I think that my shoots were very helpful towards the planning and the organising of my final major project and I found them very useful as it gave me more of an in sight to my final idea and how it was going to work. I think the shoots gave me a chance to develop my ideas further and add more into them to make them all a lot better than things planned.




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