Final Shoot Plan

Date: 24/05/2016

Location: Outdoors (specific location, not known yet)


  • To get 8 final images from my shoot
  • To portray lines from a poem using an image
  • Focus on nature poetry and create different images that will help portray that
  • To use a variety of different props and shot types to the the best of my ability


The theme for my shoot it poetry as I will be focusing on illustrating poems and trying to take a line from a poem and relate a image to it. Another theme that my shoot is nature as I will be focusing on nature poetry and the poem that I pick will involve a lot of different nature aspects.

The genre of my shoot is nature and also poetry as this is the main focus of my idea and my shoot.

The style of photography that I am working on is fine art photography as a lot of nature photography that I looked at fell under the fine art category. I also really enjoy fine art photography and it is my favourite type of photography so I really wanted to incorporate this into my final shoot.

The title of my shoot and my final project will all depend on the title of the poem that I choose as this will influence the title of my project. I think that it is good that I relate the title of the poem to the title of my final shoot as it will help others to understand what I have used the poem for in my shoot, because the title of my project will be the same or very similar to the name of my chosen poem.


For my shoot I will use some different photography techniques in order to make my images better and also to add some variety between the many different images so that they don’t all look the same and when it comes to presenting my images in the exhibition I can have a set of images with variety and that all look unique and different. I have listed the different techniques that I am going to use and the reasons for this.

  • Shutter Speed- During my shoot I would like to use a variety of different shutter speeds when shooting my images as I think that in some cases if I wanted to capture something that was moving then I would need to adjust my shutter speed to something a lot lower so that I can get clearly what is moving and you can clearly see what is happening in the image.
  • Aperture- I think in my shoot I will try and use different apertures so that I can get a variety of different shots that look blurry and some will have different focus points and this could give my images a blurry background or just blur the image a lot.
  • Close Up Shots- I am going to use some more close up shots during my final shoot as during my experimental shoots I tested some out and I really liked the way that they turned out so I think it would be good to include so different close up shots in my final set of images. Especially because I am working with nature I think it would be good to use these as I can get up close and get lots of detail.

I have also included a step by step process that I will follow throughout my final shoot to make sure that everything goes to plan and I don’t go off track and don’t know what I am doing;

  1. Find a poem for my final shoot which I follow and annotate using a variety of different images
  2. Analyse the poem and think of some different shots that I could get from it and have these notes handy for when it finally comes to taking my final images.
  3. Make sure that I have all of my equipment ready and I know that I will be able to use it all on my specific location.
  4. Go to my set location and set up all my equipment
  5. Take my images and keep referring to the poem throughout the shoot so that I can have the different ideas I came up with fresh in my mind.
  6. Once I have taken my images make them into a contact sheet and start editing them in photo shop to see if I can change anything that I am not happy with or that I want different.
  7. Evaluate my images.


  • Camera with a fully charged battery (Canon DSLR 1200D)
  • SD card
  • 18-35mm Lens
  • Tripod

Visual References:

I have used some research during planning for this shoot and it has given me some ideas on what to do and what I could add to my idea in order to make it a lot better or just to add something else to it. Below are some images that I have either taken during experimental shoots or images that I have found on line that I can use as inspirations.

I have also looked at some different artists during my research who have worked with nature photography before and who’s work I have looked at and have based my idea on some of their work that I like.

One photographer that I have looked at before is one called Scott Mead and the reason that I really like his work is because he is a fine art photographer and he also includes some nature in his work which makes the image really meaningful and I really like his work. The reason I researched his work is because he is fine art and nature photographer and these are the two genres that I have chosen to study for my FMP.



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