Experiment Shoot 3

For my final experimental shoot I took a poem that focuses on colours and nature and would also hopefully to emotions being included into it as well. I took around 20 images and followed the poem as I went so that I could get the right amount of shots and also colours in the images that I got.

Here is a contact sheet of the images that I got from my shoot.


The first part of the poem that I looked at was focusing on the colour green and how dark and dominant it is in terms of nature as this is one of the most common colours that people associate with nature in terms of being outdoors.

This is the image that I took for green and I took a close up image for this part so that I could get a really close view of the colour and see the brightness and how it looks in different part of the picture. I zoomed right into this shoot and made sure is was focused so that you could clearly see what was in the image and it was very clear for people to see that. I think that this image is useful as it helped me to test out things with bright colours and also close up shots as I haven’t really looked at many close up shoots during my experimental shoots. Because I really like the image I could use it as inspiration for my final shoot and maybe I could include some close up shots in my final shoot. This image and the process I went through to get it gave me the idea that when I am focusing on colour I should do a range of close up and far away shots in a shoot so that you can get different perspectives of the colour in the different shots. The process of this image could be used on a lot of my other images as I can use close up shots to enhance all different types of colours to get a better perspective on them and enhance them a lot more. With this process I could also add a coloured filter on photo shop which would also enhance the colour even more and make a lot more vivid. I think the process makes my work look very interesting as it shows the different shades of tones and colours up close rather than being zoomed out and just seeing one colour. It also shows how the environment and its surroundings have affected it and how new colours have been added.
IMG_7464 edited
This is the edited version of the image that I took. To enhance the colour and really exaggerate the green I put the image into photo shop and used the colour balance tool to adjust the balance of green and also a little bit of yellow to make the whole thing a bit brighter. I really like the way it turned out as I feel that it really enhanced the colour and added a green filter to it.
This is the image that I took for the colour yellow, I decided to do another close up shot and also use the flash on my camera so that I could adjust the lighting and also make the colour brighter by doing this. I zoomed right into the flower so that I could see the whole thing clearly through the camera and this also meant that I could see the colour up close with the right lighting rather than just being zoomed out and the lighting affecting the brightness of the colour. This image is really useful as I used the flash on my camera and I also used a close up shot so it showed me what that looks like in a shot and how it effects the colour and the lighting in the image. It helped me to recognise that if I want to take a close up shot and enhance the colour in the image then I should try and either adjust the ISO or the aperture on the camera which would effect the brightness of the image or use the camera’s flash which would adjust the lighting and enhance the colour. This is something that I would consider doing during my final shoot if I was to include colour in order to make it a lot brighter and to make it the statement of the image. The process of the image made me realise that in my final shoot I should use a more adjustments in terms of my camera and see how an image will come out when I’ve adjusted the ISO, Aperture and also switched the flash on an off. Also to add to the process of the image I could really make the yellow in the centre the statement of the image by either adding a coloured filter to it which would enhance the yellow in the image and make it a lot more brighter and vivid. Another option I have in terms of making the yellow flower the statement is to make the image completely black and white and revert just the flower back to its original colour. I think this image shows how you some things stand out and this certain flower is standing out by being surrounded by dark coloured grass and weeds.
This is the edited version of the picture that I took for the colour yellow. To make the colour stand and for it to be bold I turned the image completely black and white so it was really bland. Then after I drew around the flower using the lasso tool and reverted the colour of the flower from black and white back to the original so that it would stand out.
This is the image that I took for the colour blue. With this image I zoomed out a little bit so it was further away from the sky and it meant that you could see more of the clouds and also the tree’s. I decided not to do a massive close up of the sky because I decided that I wanted to add more colours into the image but still make blue the main focus of the image during editing and possibly cropping it a bit if I cant get the colour balance right on photo shop. I like that the blue slightly comes through the clouds and also a bit through the tree as in all of my images the main colour for the image has been visible right at the front and not many other colours have been visible but in this image I changed it slightly so that you could see some more colours in the image and leave people guessing what the main colour is in the image. This image is helpful and will help me to go towards to my final piece as it will prompt me to add a variety of more colours to my shots even if I am only focusing on one main colour. The process of making this image will help me in my final shoot as it will help me incorporate more colours into my images that I may already not have in my image. I think this will be something that I can incorporate into my final shoot.
IMG_7471 (2)
This is the edited version of the picture I took for the colour blue. To make the blue more dominant in the image I used colour balance and changed the levels of blue and cyan in the image to make it a lot brighter and bolder.
This is the image that I took for purple and the only thing that I could really find when I was out on my shoot was a tiny purple flower in between the grass and the bushes. So this is what I decided to shoot and I think that is cool that I shot something so small as it shows that I can create a decent looking image even with a small subject matter. If I didn’t want to be as adventurous and try and experiment with so many different shots then I would have left the colour purple out of the poem and just say that I could not find anything to shoot for it. But the fact that I still managed to find something to shoot for that colour shows that I am fully into my experimental shoots and I am willing to try anything for my shoots.I think that this image will be helpful for my final shoots as it represents my experiments with different colours and how I can represent different colours during my shoots. It also shows that I can work with the smallest of subject matter and I thought it was going to be hard to get the right type of shot with such a small subject but it was quite easy once I tried a number of different times, so this will help me in my final shoot as I have had practice capturing tiny subjects so it will be easy to get a good shot with a small subject quite easily. I think this image will be something that I could use as inspiration for my final shoot as I can take some of my images using small subject matters and also lots of close up shots.
This is the edited version of the image that I took for purple. To change it I added a purple colour balance to it, to make this I added a lot of pink balance and also a slight amount of blue so that it looked a bit more cool toned and more purple.
This is the image which I took for the colour red. I think this image turned out really well as it shows that you can show colour through an image even using simple things like grass or a ball and its really easy to take an image and set one up if you want to represent colour. During this shoot I found it very easy to represent colour through nature but I found it really hard when it came to red because other than flowers it is quite hard to find something that you can picture that is red and really represents the colour and its connotations. I didn’t want to over complicate my shoots either as I thought that I could keep my complex and complicated ideas for my final shoot so that I didn’t have to use up all my ideas at once and try and think of new and different ways that I could try and shoot something that I may have shot already. I think this image will help me towards my final shoot as it will give my inspirations and ideas to shoot simple things and maybe not over complicate things as much as I do in shoots. I think this shot proves that you can easily represent something using simple shots and simple set ups and maybe sometimes you don’t have to over complicate things during a shoot and you can take really simple shots and really simple use really simple props and set ups and still get a really good image with the meaning that you want to portray.
This is the edited version of the image that I took for red and to make it a lot brighter I cut around the ball and used the colour balance tool to enhance just the red tones in the picture.

I really enjoyed this shoot and I think that it went really well. Even though it was quite a small shoot I like the images that I got from it and I feel that it was a very successful. I think that the images that I got from it will help me in my final shoot as it gave me different ideas for different shot types.


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