Experimental Shoot 3 (Plan)

Plan- For my second experimental shoot I will do roughly the same thing as my first shoot which is take a poem that I like and read it roughly and think of what types of shots I can create from it, the first time I did my experimental shoot I found it very easy to get shots out of it. So I think the next experimental shoot that I do will be a lot easier as I know more of what I am doing as I have done it once before. I will try to keep it a short poem like the first one so that I can roughly get the same amount of shots from it. Before in my previous experimental shoot I changed the genre of the poem to emotion poetry and I analysed a poem and annotated one which was about M.S. After doing this I decided that it would be a good idea to try and add people into my nature shoots and see if this would make any difference to my original idea which was just to focus on nature poetry. So for my final experimental shoot I will try to find a poem that includes nature and that also includes different emotions.

Development- This shoot will help to develop my idea and my project as it will help me to make my images better and I will have more of an idea on what to do after my experimental shoots. The experimental shoot will also help me to analyse the poems better that I choose and this will make it better for my final shoot as I will be able to analyse the poem better meaning that I may get better shots as I have a better understanding of the poem itself. It will also give me an idea on what I can add to my original idea to make it better and add a wider range of genres to it.

I have included a copy of the poem that I will use for my final experimental shoot.

Green is spring,
Bright, fresh, and new.

Yellow is the sun,
Bright, bold, and true.

Blue is the sky,
Shimmering and cool.

Purple is the king,
Quite royal in his rule.

Orange is fire,
Burning hot in the night.

Red is fall,
Bold, brilliant, and bright.

All these vivid colors combine,
So that in this world,
We never get bored.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/green-is-spring #FamilyFriendPoems



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