Experimental Shoot 2

For my second experimental shoot I decided to focus on a different genre of poem that could hopefully help develop my original idea and add a different genre to it or it could change my idea completely and prompt me to change my idea to do a different genre of poetry and focus more on emotions in poetry rather than nature poetry the poem I looked at is one I found online which is called M.S and it describes the changing emotions and feelings of someone living with M.S and once I had taken the images I edited them in photo shop and adjusted the brightness, contrast and colour balance in all the images so that I could portray the difference in good and bad emotions throughout the poem.

This is the poem that I based my experimental shoot on.

I have included contact sheets of the shots from my shoot that I did. The first few shots that I took where tester shots which tested the lighting of the background and I was also adjusting the ISO, shutter speed and aperture on my camera so that I could get the right lighting in my images. In the end I set my camera to manual mode, my ISO to auto, my shutter speed to 1/100 and my aperture to F8.5.

The first shots that I took during the shoot I focused mainly on the first line of the poem which is ‘Strong but then weak’ for this line I decided to keep my shots very basic in terms of the way I would portray the emotions and save the more complex things to when I edited the image. I used a model in my shoot and got her to show the emotion strong by acting like she was really strong and tough and that she could do anything. I got a few different shots of different poses for strong and I was really happy with what I got and then when I put this into photo shop I wanted to make the image seem positive and make it very bright and maybe have a slight light of colour shining through which would show strength and positivity.

This is the original image which I shot for strength and I think the way the model is positioned makes her look really strong and happy and the image portrays positive emotion from the model. In relation to the poem and the subject of the poem, this image would show a good day of someone living with M.S and this would be them feeling like they could do anything throughout the day and they would feel strong and able. I then put this image into photo shop to adjust a few things and crop some of the black out to see if I could make the image a lot more positive and represent the emotion more.
IMG_7384.jpg EDITED
This is the edited version of the image for strength and I edited this image so I could enhance the emotion further. For this image I adjusted the brightness to a higher level so that it would look more bright and positive and then I also adjusted the contrast so that the image didn’t look to bright or over exposed. I then wanted to add a colour to it to help add a hidden message about the emotion to the image so I looked up the meaning of strength through a colour and the colour that showed up most was red. So using colour balance tool on photo shop I added a red filter to it to add the red light to the image. I like the way that the image turned out as I feel that it really shows strength and is a positive image.
This is the original image which I shot for weak and I think the way the model has positioned herself in the image makes her look really weak and tied down and just not very happy. This image best represents someone who is having a bad day with M.S and feels just really run down, tired and this is one of the negative symptoms of M.S as it can leave you feeling really horrible and essentially weak which is what the poem said you would be like. Much like the first image I then put this image into photo shop to see if I could add anything to it which would enhance the emotion and show more of weakness in the image.
IMG_7392 edited
This is the edited version of the image for Weak and in this image I changed a few different things to make the model look weaker and it would also enhance the emotion in the image. For this image I firstly cropped the sides off as they where just plain black background surrounding the model and this isn’t what I needed to have in my image as it wasn’t anything to do with my images or my idea.  I then changed the brightness and the contrast in the image to make it a lot darker. Then I added a black and white filter to make it more dark. I then added a colour balance filter which added a slight touch of light blue and dark blue to it. I like the way this image turned out as it made it a lot darker and it makes the model seem as if she is drained and feels really weak.
This image relates to the line in the poem which is ‘Happy but then Sad’. This certain images relates to happiness and the model is representing the life of someone with M.S and how they can be happy when they feel good or are having a really good day either in terms of themselves or their illness. I really like this shot as it captures their actions and when it comes to portraying emotions and feelings through photography I think that action shots work really well because the model is showing true emotion and it also shows another photography skill, that you can capture action shots. This is the original image which I used for ‘Happy’ and then I put it into photo shop to see if I could change anything about and maybe enhance the emotion in the image and see if I could portray the emotion in the image better than I already have in this original image.
This is the edited image for ‘Happy’ I changed a couple of things to this image so that I could enhance the emotion more in the image to make it a lot more effective. The first thing I did to the image was adjust the hue and the saturation on the image which effected the color in the image slightly and made it a bit brighter. To make it even more brighter I then went and changed the brightness and the contrast in the image and this gave it the brightness that I originally wanted. Lastly, like my other images I wanted it to have a slight personal touch in terms of emotion so I looked for the color which best represents ‘Happiness’ and the one color that came up most was yellow. So using the color balance tool I changed the yellow tones in the image which gave it a yellow filter over it. I am very happy with the way this image turned out as I got the editing right in it and I feel that I managed to enhance the emotion throughout the image to make it more effective.
This image is still relating to the same line in the poem as the previous image but it is the opposite emotion which is sadness. This image represents sadness and the way that people with M.S can sometimes feel down and their emotions and feelings can quickly change with no warning from their body or their mind. I really like the way this shot turned out as I feel that it really portrays sadness in a simple way, I wanted to keep it simple in the original shot so that I could then go and edit the image and make it a lot deeper and complex. I feel that the way the model is expressing her emotion is really good because her eyes are like the main focus point on her face and the way she is just staring into the camera gives off the idea that she is very drained and the sadness has just taken over her mind and body.
With this image I did a few things on photo shop in order to make the emotions a lot more deeper and more clear. The first thing that I did was use the blur tool to slightly blur out the models hair and also the writing on her jumper. It didn’t blur out as much as I wanted it too but it still blurred a little bit so that it made her face and her emotions the main focus point of the image and it wouldn’t leave you looking round at other things in the image that could not be of context and nothing to do with the idea of the image. I then went and darkened the image using the brightness tool and this darkened the whole image completely and made the more neutral colors and the blacks a lot deeper and a lot darker and to add a lot more color to the image I changed the color balance to a very dark and deep blue which completely changed the mood and feel of the image to something a lot more deeper and darker also meaningful. I changed the color to something a lot more blue as I knew that the connotations of dark blues is sadness. I like the way that this image came out as it shows the true emotions of sadness and the editing of the image really enhanced the emotions.
This image relates to the next part of the poem which is ‘Sometimes feeling hopeful’ and it shows the model praying and essentially hoping for the best in her life and for everything to be ok in terms of her illness. It is very common for someone with M.S to be hopeful and to pray for good things because as the first part of the poem has already suggested their emotions can be very mixed and they could be in a really good place one time and then before they know it the can be feeling really down, sad or weak within themselves. So they are always really hopeful that they can be well and that nothing will go wrong. I think the fact that their is not a broad expression on her face shows that emotions don’t always have to come from the face they can come from anything a from hand gestures to body language and this image really proves this. I really like the way this image turned out as it really shows the hope and the desperation of the model who could be hoping for anything to happen in her life.
This image is relating to the next line in the poem which is ‘Dreading the bad’. This line in the poem is really effective in terms of emotions and some one living with M.S, this is because the line in poem means that the person is dreading the bad things that could happen and this could be anything from the simple things in life to something quite serious like them becoming really ill or their disease getting a lot worse. The fact that the model is looking to her side could show that her problems are very close to her and they are surrounding her. I wanted to capture her  with her mouth covered with the book as this not only shows that she is scared and shes dreading a number things that could happen to her but its like she doesn’t have a voice because can’t see her mouth. This shows that people with illnesses like M.S go through so many different emotions and feeling that some times they feel like they are silenced by others and don’t have a say in certain things and can’t voice their fears and worries to others.
This image is very similar to the previous one as they are showing similar emotions which are fear and scared. These emotions are very similar in the way that they can be portrayed but I am glad that I managed to get two different shots for very similar emotions. I am very happy with the way this shot as it shows again the way that with some emotions that people feel when they have M.S they can feel very much like that they have no voice and that they feel silenced because of how they feel. The way this is portrayed in this image is because the model is showing her feeling of being scared by covering her mouth and this shows that maybe when she feels scared, she may feel silenced and like she can’t voice her feelings or opinions.
This image represents the next emotion in the poem which is Uncertain. In terms of the illness that the poem is talking about it i s showing that someone who is living with that illness is uncertain of whats around the corner almost like the fear of the unknown . The have no idea whats around the corner and everyday can bring something completely new whether it be good or bad. The emotion that the model is showing in the image is very much saying to the audience that they are trying to look around the corner at what is to come and the expression on her face is almost saying that she doesn’t know exactly whats going to happen but from what she can see it doesn’t look very good. I really like the way that this shot turned out as it shows the fear of the unknown that she has in her life and she has something in her life that she can never determine will be good things or bad things and this is something that can cause a wide range of emotions that the poem has brought up and which i have addressed with different emotions.
This image represents the final line in the poem which is ‘Where will it End?’, which s a rhetorical question which someone is asking about their illness because they may be getting stressed out, bored or annoyed of the same old thing that they have to deal with every single day not necessarily for their whole life but ,maybe for a significant part of it. They just want it to end but as the rest of the poem has suggested they have no idea when certain things will happen and they could go through a lot more different things before they get a good results in their life or until something good happens to them. I really like the way this shot turned out as it really shows the model looking around trying to find answers to her questions. I also feel that her body language and her facial expressions in this image is very significant as in the previous two or three images she has had her mouth covered up as she is expressing sad and negative emotions and with this she has felt like she has had no voice throughout these emotions. So with this image I feel that her body language is very significant as she has thought long and hard about this question that she has actually built up the courage to ask her question.

I am really happy with how the shoot went as I feel that I really got the emotions right in the images and managed to portray the lines in the poem very well. I also feel that I managed to get the emotions through in the images really easily and that the shots were very simple making it a lot more easier to annotate the poem with images. I feel that during this shoot I have developed my editing skills a lot more as to enhance the emotions in the images I have tried to edit most of them and add different color balances in so that I could do this.

If I had to do this shoot again then I would try and make the emotions a lot more complex and add more depth to them and also edit a lot more of my images and see what other tools I could use on photo shop in order to add more emotion and depth to my images.





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