Experimental Shoot 2 (Plan)

Plan- For my second experimental shoot I will do roughly the same thing as my first shoot which is take a poem that I like and read it roughly and think of what types of shots I can create from it, the first time I did my experimental shoot I found it very easy to get shots out of it. So I think the next experimental shoot that I do will be a lot easier as I know more of what I am doing as I have done it once before. I will try to keep it a short poem like the first one so that I can roughly get the same amount of shots from it. However in this shoot I will change the genre of the poem to see if I could possibly want to change the genre of my FMP and I will also be able to know if it is easier to do a shoot with a poem of a different  genre. The genre that I am doing for my second experimental shoot will also be something that I could possibly include in my original genre which is nature. The genre that I am going to test out in this experimental shoot is Emotion and I can include this in my nature work as I can show in an image the way people feel around nature and how it makes them feel personally and also I can include the way people treat nature.

Development- This shoot will help to develop my idea and my project as it will help me to make my images better and I will have more of an idea on what to do after my experimental shoots. The experimental shoot will also help me to analyse the poems better that I choose and this will make it better for my final shoot as I will be able to analyse the poem better meaning that I may get better shots as I have a better understanding of the poem itself. It will also give me an idea on what I can add to my original idea to make it better and add a wider range of genres to it.

I have included the poem that I will use for my second experimental shoot.




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