Experimental Shoot 1

For my first experimental shoot I took a poem to test out on annotating with pictures and using the poem to find different bits of imagery and make that into a shot. The poem I chose is one that I found on line after simply typing in ‘Nature Poems’ and this is what I found.

nature is full of colors
with beautiful scented flowers
if your’e in a forest or a park
its nice even in the dark

nature is full of beasts and birds
with so many shrubs and ferns
its mountains are very high
they almost touch the sky

nature has its deserts
and nature has its plains
at times its sunny
sometimes it rains

nature is so pretty and bountiful
with snow covered peaks and sounds so beautiful
when people destroy nature, remember
we need nature for our future.

I took this poem out with me during my shoot and using the different lines and stanzas I made a variety of different images that would hopefully annotate the different lines from the poem.

After I shot these pictures I then tried to enhance their meaning and their relation to the poem by using photo shop to edit them. I think it is good to use photo shop in images in shoots as you may find something after the shoot that you don’t like or want to change and you can usually do this on photo shop.

The lines are very descriptive in the poem so it was easy to get pictures from it and because I did my shoot in a park it was easy as I had all the nature around me to work with. The only thing I would say I had problems with in the shoot is the different weather climates that are mentioned in the poem, I couldn’t do pictures for these as it was so sunny. If I end up doing this poem for my final poem then I will have to make sure that I try and take pictures in the location I chose more than once so that I can get a picture for each of the different climates that are mentioned in the poem for example I will have do a location shoot in the rain and in the dark as well as a sunny day as this is what is mentioned in the poem.

From the time and the weather situation I had I tried to take as many pictures as I could that would match most of the poem. I have included a before and after of the pictures that I took and then edited which I thought matched the poem well.

The first line that I chose to annotate was ‘nature is full of colours’. I chose to annotate this line using this picture as it shows a variety of different colours and shades and includes a form of nature in the picture. I decided to get close to the flower as I possibly could so that I could get all the right and bright colours in shot. I really like this image because I feel that it really shows the colour that nature portrays and the bright lighting from the sun helps to enhance it. This image is the original I took before I edited it.
IMG_7307. edited
To make this image better I decided to edit it in photo shop. When I put this image into photo shop I decided to blur the weeds and grass around the daisy and I did this using the blur tool. It blurred them out slightly but I would have preferred if they were blurred out a bit more but using the blur tool it seemed it would only blur out some of the things around the outside and not all of it. Then I used colour balance and the black and white adjustments to make the whole image black and white. Then I used the lasso tool to draw around the daisy and highlight that part of the image only. This meant that I could change anything to just that part of the image and it wouldn’t affect the rest. After I done this then I changed the colour of the daisy from black and white back to the original colours. This is to make the daisy stand out more.
The second line of the poem which I chose to annotate was ‘when people destroy nature, remember we need nature for our future’. I feel this picture really shows the line from the poem as it is showing the model standing in a tree and possibly destroying the nature  but in reality she is embracing it and taking it by getting to grips with it and being at one with nature. I really like that certain line from the poem as it really addresses the fact that humans are destroying nature and they could damage it at a time when we really need it most. This is the first original image that I took and I then went on to edit it in photo shop to see if I could make it any better.
IMG_7357 edited
When it came to editing this image I was very stuck with ideas on what to do with this image and how to change it. But I decided to firstly play around with the hue and saturation on the background which enhanced the colour of the green on the tree’s and made it a lot brighter which therefore made it stand a lot more than before. As my shoot is to do with nature I think it is good that the colours stand out a bit as it shows the brightness and vibrancy of the nature that surrounds the model. When it came to editing the models body and face I was a bit stuck on what to do, I knew I wanted to keep it in but I didn’t know what to change. In the end I decided to liquidify the model to make her body all swirly and merge it all together. I did this to show the effect that people have on nature and how humans are effect nature and can be at one with it.
The line from the poem that I decided to annotate with this picture is ‘its mountains are very high they almost touch the sky’. I feel that this image best represents that line as it shows the very peak of the hill in the park against the sky line and even though it is not mountain it is still a very high peak in the park which best represents what the poem is trying to put across. I really like that I included other bits of nature in the image also as it shows how they different bits of nature form around other significant things around it. This image is the original and I then went on to edit this to see if I could make it any better and see if I could represent the poem line in a better way than this.



IMG_7327 edited
I didn’t do much editing to this image as I felt that it didn’t need much doing to it as it was already a good landscape image that represented the poem well. The only thing I did was have a look at the different levels of colour in the image and changed it around a bit so it would enhance the green tones in the picture and make them a lot brighter which hopefully would show the significance of the high hill.

This experimental shoot helped me to understand how to get the right images from text and looking at a poem. I now understand how to come up with different ideas from a poem and how I can create different images from just one set of words or just one line from a poem. I found my shoot to be really successful and it really helped me know the sort of route that I want to go down for my final shoot which is nature and landscape photography as you can get so really good images from it as they are all very natural and you can get so many different images from just one outside place. From the photo shop experiments that I have carried out during this shoot then the elements and the tools that I have used to change the images, I would use them again in my final shoot as they helped me make them better and change things that I maybe didn’t like or thought could be better.


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