Experimental Shoot 1 (Plan)


For my experimental shoot I am planning on focusing mainly on fine art photography and using that genre of photography to try and make some images of my own. I have already researched into my idea of poetry photography and this lead me onto fine art photography. As I have not done much of this photography before I think I need to learn and experiment more in that genre so I understand it better and I can have more of an understanding and it will also help to develop my idea. I think learning more about fine art photography will help me to learn what the specifics are of it and how I can include these in my project. I have included some pictures of fine art photography that I have looked at and that have inspired me for a shoot.


This will help me to learn more about my idea and the genre behind it. I will also be able to see how easy it is to take fine art pictures and I can see how easy it is to get a good result from it. Also if I spot any difficulties from this genre of photography then I have other chances to do experimental shoots using different genres and see if they work better for me or cause more of a problem.


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