Pre Production Planning

Scheme Of Work 

In order to meet the deadline for my final major project I have to make sure to follow some things that will guide me to get my work done on time and make sure that I meet the deadline for the project. This scheme of work will prompt me to know what I should be doing during my sessions and what I should be doing in order to meet my brief and develop my work further. In order to meet the deadline I need to do the following things I need to make sure that I meet the given brief as well as the deadline.

  • Three Experimental Shoots- This will help me to understand what my final images will look like and the style that they will follow, even thought I may use different poems throughout the shoots it will give me an idea of the types of images that I can get from the shoots and it will also tell me how easy it is to analyse a poem and how easy it is to come up with an idea for a shot from the line of a poem. The experimental shoots will also show how I have developed my idea and my skills in photography over the course of the project, as I may decide during my one of my experimental shoots that I don’t like one type of shot and in my evaluation it will show development if I change it and to something better which I do like.
  • Final Shoot- It is important that I plan my final shoot throughly as this will ensure that everything runs smoothly during that time and I will also know what shots I will need to do and where so that I am not making random things up on the day as it may become difficult and I may not be happy with the final result. The final shoot is very important to get right as it is the final thing and after that I won’t have hardly any time to change my idea and the pictures that I have. With planning it, it will give me confidence in knowing that it is all finalised and that the results are going to come out roughly how I want them, it will also tell me that I have a strong idea as I am able to plan it with confidence and that I won’t need to change my idea suddenly.
  • Editing- It is important that I plan some of the editing that I do because there is so many things that I could do to one image to make it look good but because there is so much it could be come too much and I may waste time going overboard with editing and in the end I may not like the result on every image and I won’t have any time after that to change it. As long as I know roughly what I want to do with my images after I have taken them, then I think I will be ok and it will use my time wisely and not waste any time, that I could use either evaluating or fixing things from the shoot that could have possibly gone wrong. It is hard to plan things like editing because you don’t know what it is going to look like but because I know what most of the effects so I think I will be able to get a good idea in my head so that I can plan it.

Shoot Plans

  • Experimental Shoot 1- On my first experimental shoot I will mainly focus on one poem or set of song lyrics and make sure I have analysed it before the shoot so I am prepared and have some ideas of shots in my head before I start. I will try and mix the locations up a bit between outside and the studio as I like to use both for shoots and I think you can get vary varied results from both locations. I think starting off with just on poem is good because it will introduce me to my idea slowly and because I would already have some shots in my head from analysing my poem I will know roughly what I am doing and not end up making things up. I may also try and edit some of these images swell so that I know fully what my final images could look like and then I can know some of the things that I can add to my final, final images so that they look good after editing.
  • Experimental Shoot 2- I will do exactly the same as my first shoot but I will change a few things to make it a bit different. I will change the poem that I am looking at so that I can get some different shots to compare to my first ones. I will look at my first images and if there is something that I don’t like about them then I will try to change the way I do certain things so that I can show that I have developed and that I have recognised things that I have done wrong the first time and I know that I can change it.
  • Experimental Shoot 3- For my final experimental shoot I will take into consideration everything from my other shoots and make sure I apply any corrections or advice given to me by others or that I have found my self. I will choose another poem to study and photograph from. I will try my best to make these images the best out of the three experiments as I will have learnt from things that I have done in previous shoots and changed them. I will then edit them to the way that I would like them to look and then evaluate how the shoot went and write about what I would change for good results in my final shoot.

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