Visual Research Document

Secondary Research

  • Video’s- I found this video on you tube which showed me a way in which someone has taken a poem and made it visual using photography. This has helped to influence me and develop the thought in my idea as it has helped me to see what types of pictures people create when reading a poem and how they put across the poems messages using images.

I found a second video on you tube which shows poetry through photography the images are original by the photographer who has created the video and this is different to the other video as the person who made it has used pictures from the internet rather their own original images, most of the images look the same except the model has different facial expressions throughout the video. This helped to inspire me and develop my ideas as it showed me how photos can look similar but represent different parts of a poem.

  • Blogs- I have found a blog on-line which is written by a photographer who is learning about the subject, possibly a student. They show different images on their blog and explain which poem they are from and how they relate to a specific line in the poem. The images on their blog are either taken by them or found on the internet and they show the different points of view from different photographers and how they interpret a poem. This really helped me to develop my ideas as it this source of research was written based as well as visual so it showed me an image that a photographer had done but then explained reasons and connotations behind it. I have included a link to the blog post and also some images included in it.


Eye Poetry Photography

I also found another blog on-line which included not only the images but the poems as well so you can read the poems while seeing the visual aspect of it, some of the poems have single images but others have videos of singles images put together which shows the photographer has understanding of the full poem rather than just one line. This helped me for my idea as it showed me what images would look like together to show a whole poem and its effectiveness, but then it also shows how effective it is with one line of a poem and one image alone. I have included a link to the blog post where the images and the videos can be found.

  • Websites- I have found a photographers website who mainly focuses on visual poems and channels her love for poems and visual work into photography to create her images. The website has a full range of information and pictures and you can read things about her and her photography and a lot of her work is also on her website. I looked at her work and she doesn’t really study a certain poem for influence for her images she may see something whilst shooting and think of how it could be represented through a line in a poem. Her website helped me and influenced my idea as it showed me more of the visual aspects of the genre rather than other research sources where people wrote a lot more about a picture rather than just put the picture up and let people work it out for them selves. I have included a link to her website and also some of her pictures that she includes in her website which are to do with visual poems.

As poetry photography is considered as fine art photography I have found a website which includes work of a fine art photographer. The fine art photography is something I should study during research because it will show me what types of styles and layouts that my photos should be like. This helped me as it showed me what type of photos I should be taking and what genre of photographer and photography I should be looking at to give me ideas. I included a link to the website and some work featured on the website.

  • Journals- A journal which I found on-line showed me different photographers fine art photography along with some meaning behind it and also some information about the pictures. The journal includes all different types of photography but I was mainly focused on fine art as this is most commonly associated with poetry photography. It really helped me in terms of research as it showed me some meaning behind some fine art work and it showed me the wide range of different fine art work that is out in the industry. I have included a link to the journal and also some of the fine art work included in the journal.

British Journal of Photography

Another Journal which I have found during my research is known as the ‘Photogrpahic journal’ and unlike other journals which I have looked at includes different magazine articles and interviews with photographers about their work. This helps me a lot more than other journals as you actually get to see a point of view straight from a photographer rather than an article which could be made up or made by others. This helped me also as it shows me what the photographer really feels about the images and how they see them and their overall views and opinions. I have included a link to the journal and some fine art work included in the journal.


  • Mood Board

From all my research finding I have created a visual mood board which includes photographs of things that have inspired me and helped me to develop and further my ideas.


  • Poems

In my FMP I will be looking a lot at poems and focusing on them as something that I will take inspiration from for my photographs. As I am doing a visual poem for my project it is important that for my research that I look at some poems and see how they would work  in terms of my idea and what sort of images I could create out of them.

The first poem that I looked at it called Daffodils and this poem is a really nice poem and it is a very popular poem which I have studied and read before. From reading the poem I think it would really go well with the idea that I am thinking of as I will be able to create some really good fine art images from this and I will be able to show the story throughout the poem through a series of pictures. I really like this poem and because it has a lot of imagery I think I will be able to get really nice fine art images from it.

Another poem I looked at it called ‘That Girl’ and is a suicide poem about a girl and her story of suicide. This poem could be really good to use in my project as it tells a story and is a very deep and heartfelt poem. I think it would show great emotion and I would be able to tell the story through my images and using different techniques I would be able to get all the right emotions in aswell.

Out of all of my research sources I think that the one that is the most useful is the video as they show a lot more visual which is what I really wanted to focus on during the research process. They really helped me as they included different images from poems and it shows the photographer has a full understanding of the poem rather than just using one line of a poem which from my research I have found that some photographers have done this. I feel that the videos are also very useful as they have helped me to see both things at the same time and listen and see the visual together. When looking at a website it is hard to see the images and read the poem at the same time but, when you watch the videos you can listen to the poem and see the images at the same time so it is easy to follow and understand the photographers point of view on the poem.




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