Rough Ideas For FMP

Rough Idea 1

As one of my ideas for my FMP i would like to combine photography and poetry as i think that photography a long with a poem can really help to tell the story and can help people understand what the poem is actually about. i like the idea of explaining a poem through photos and I think if you choose the right poem it can look really nice at the end. As I only need 8 images for my FMP I would need to choose a short poem with very clear imagery and messages that I can identify and then plan a shoot for. I have analysed poems before and found it very easy to identify certain imagery and picture certain things in my head from the poem. I have found some images that relate to certain quotes from poems and have given me some inspiration for my project.


These images are very linked in the way that they are taken/edited. Even though they are not representing the same poem they are linked because they are all very dark and eairy. In poetry photography it is very important that my images are either linked in the way that they are taken or in their subject matters and I feel that once I find the right poem i will be able to actually decide which way I want to link my images.

A photographer that inspired me for this project is Annie Lebovitz as her disney work is all linked in the ay it is edited and presented but is very different in subject matters, For example she has photographed for Beauty and The Beast and also Cinderella and the photos she has taken have two completely different subject matters but also look really similar because of the way that they are taken and because of the way they are edited. They all have some aspect of bold colours and a dark, cold background and they also have a high amount of contrast to compliment the different colours and make all the images similar.

Here is some examples of her disney work that I have looked at and found that they are similar in terms of editing but not subject matter.


I feel that her disney work will really help me when I come to do my final project as it will help me to know how to keep my editing and the way I have taken my photos the same so that all my pictures work as a series. I would prefer to keep my images in the same way in terms of editing as I am a very varied person when it comes to taking pictures. So I would rather have similar styles of photos rather than similar subjects because I think this would be a lot harder for me considering the variety of pictures that I like to photograph.

Rough Idea 2

Another idea that I have for my FMP is very similar to my first idea it is just in a different context and is something that I can be a little bit more creative with in terms of a story. This would be a photographic essay which would tell a story of the day in a life of someone going through a domestic abuse relationship, I have done shoots for myself and for other people that either go towards shoots about bullying or domestic abuse and I feel I know enough about it to include it in my FMP. I would like to do this for my FMP as it is something that interests me in terms of peoples emotions and also it would show people what others go through in a domestic violence relationship. I think it would be good to show it from a child’s perspective also, in terms of the child being abused by their parents, as this would show it doesn’t just happen to adults and young people it happens to children and teens also. Also I have done domestic violence shoots about adults before and it will just show a change in perspective for the issue. In terms of context and the way that they are linked, I think I would like to go down the route of all the pictures being the same in terms of subject matter as it connects to the story of the person who I am photographing and it also helps to keep the subject of the story the same. This also gives me the opportunity to show the emotions of the person I am photographing through different shot types and also different ways of editing.

A photographer that could help through this project if I was to choose this idea would be Vasil Germanov as he has conducted a magazine shoot before showing the effect of domestic violence on women, many people were disgraced by this magazine shoot but he had reason to believe otherwise as he was passionate about stand the section in the magazine was called ‘Victim Of Beauty’ and it contained different models who had been given effects of their bodies to make them seem as if they had gone through a violent relationship.

I think that his work would help me in my project as it would show me the types of effects that I could give to my models and it also shows me the different types of emotions and shots that I could portray during my project and I can also look at other work that he has done, to see if he has done anything else to do with domestic violence that would give me more inspiration in order to make my work better.

Examples Of His Domestic Violence Work.


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