Self Reflection


In the future as a photographer I would like to complete my two year course in photography at college and take a look at what skills and grades I have learned and gained throughout the course and use this information to figure out what I want to do and the job/career that I want to work my way into. At the moment I am not interested in going into university to continue studying as I feel that their is only so much that you can learn and what I and currently learning on the course I feel will be useful to me once I leave college. Instead of university I would like to leave college and look into either doing a apprenticeship in photography or go straight out into work so I fully know what it is like to be a proper photographer. After this in the far future I would eventually like to create my own photography business and become a wedding and events photographer, because at the moment this is one of my favourite types of photography.

Your Skills

In the course at the moment and also from my own knowledge I feel that I have learnt the following skills that will help me in the future and to help pass my course.

  • Camera Skills- before I started this course I felt that I didn’t know much about cameras and how they worked , If you were to ask me about certain camera settings then I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about what it does. But since I have been on the course I have learnt a lot about certain settings and I know feel confident about using a camera and changing the different settings to adapt to a certain shot or surrounding.
  • Photoshop Skills- before the course I had never really used photo shop before as it was something I didn’t really know about or had been taught about in school. When I started the course I could use some of the tools quite easily and they seemed really easy to use as they were very simple things, but as the course has gone on I feel that I have learnt more about photo shop and I am much more confident in using it now compared to when I first started the course.
  • Analysis Skills- before the course started I had already learnt a bit about analysis as I had done media studies in school and this is one of the crucial things that we had to know how to do as there was a lot of analysis involved in media. But during the course I feel that I have learnt a lot more about analysis and how to analysis the work of a photographer or a certain piece of photographic work that we have looked at.

Skills For A Chosen Career

  • Strengths- In the career that I want to go into in the future, I have to have certain strengths that will make the job easier for me and will help me strive in my job. These strengths include having to be well organised, good with a camera, approachable and good with clients/people and also presentable so that the clients have a good first and lasting impression of me. I feel that I have most of these strengths to a certain extent, but I feel that as I go on in the course and in the future I will learn to strengthen these skills so that I am strong enough for my chosen career.
  • Weaknesses- In the career that I want to go into I feel that I may have some weaknesses that I will have to work on  in order to be successful in my chosen career, I feel that I need to work on my skills in set up , in terms of setting up backgrounds and studios for shoots, even though in my chosen career I may not need to use much of this but as  a photographer, I feel that this may come up at some point during my job and I don’t want to be stuck and not know what I am doing as this is not very professional.
  • Opportunities- From this career I feel that there are really good opportunities that I can gain from the career. If I was to photograph a certain event people may publish this on social media or their websites (if they are from a business) and this will be good for me as my work will be shared with other people and more people will be able to see my work which will be really good for me as this could get me more work from other clients who like my work. Another opportunity from this job that I could is being asked to complete a job where I photograph a wedding or event for a big company or celebrity which will really put my work out there and it will show others that I am professional enough to be able to work with large companies and  celebrities and hopefully if this was to happen and the clients liked my work then this could be another opportunity that I could gain from this job as they may pass my details on to other big company’s and friends and family (if it was a celebrity)
  • Threats- I feel that there are some threats in this career which could effect my success and my opportunities in this job. One threat could be that I don’t learn certain things that I need to know during a work placement, apprenticeship or college and having to try and learn this my self will waste time that I need to either help build my business or to get work for my job. Another threat is that I may find it hard to get work as the wedding and event industry is very big and their are a lot of businesses involved in it and this may stop me succeeding.




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