Brief Comparison

Photographer 1

  • Their responsibilities- to create images for an on line magazine which would advertise a robot and the pictures would go along side a story by a scientist and be featured in the magazine. He used many different indoor and outdoor locations and these required different types of lighting and set-ups, so as part of the brief they are required to set all this up them selves so that they can ensure the perfect shot. They are also responsible to take the pictures on the shoot quite quickly as they live quite far away from the shoot location and going back and forth every day would put pressure on them meaning the work that they produced may not be as good as the client would have hoped for. They were also required to put the images in the best format in order for them to be shown in the best quality.
  • Their Planning and Production Requirements-they were given full rein of what pictures they could take and the client was relying on them to create something of good quality. They were given a budget of £1500 and they had to use this reasonably in order to create the images that I wanted. From the images that they showed alongside the brief I could clearly tell that they wanted to create an image that would portray the robots like human beings and the shots that he created made the robot seem like the ladies friend or companion. He was given full rights of the images and this enabled him to use them for whatever he wants and from reading the brief I found that there where no consent forms required for full rights of these images.
  • The objective of their original brief – the brief asked him to use his creativity alone in order to create a successful image that would be good enough to use in their magazine and that the client would be happy with. Also they where given full rights of the images so it was important that they have something that they where happy with because it could potentially be shown under their name when someone searches for them and if they are not happy with it and it is published they could potentially be judged for it and get hate from it.

Photographer 2

  • Their Responsibilities- They where  required to create images of the bride and the groom and also the guests at their wedding. Even though the clients would have some consent into what photos they wanted, they may not know completely what they want and this could mean that the photographer would have to use their imaginations an their creativity in order to create images that the clients would like. They are also responsible for getting their images taken in the right location. If the wedding is at a venue, then they would be very limited in terms of space and locations and they are responsible for getting the right photos in the right locations. As wedding photos are very sacred and special it is very hard to get some things right or wrong, it is important that they print the images in the right format so that they look the best and will please the client.
  • Their Planning and Production Requirements- In terms of planning they would more than likely have to meet with the client before the wedding to discuss their ideas, and what sort of pictures they would like to have taken on the day. They would have to plan what equipment they need to take with them and essentially prepare themselves for a whole day of shooting. This means that they would have to take different lenses, cameras, SD cards, battery’s and tripods. If they wanted to use their images for something else it is important that they organise consent forms before the day so that they are organised and have permission to use their pictures. They must also know in their head roughly what shots they want to do, if their client has given them full creativity of their shoot.
  • The Objective of their Original Project Brief- From their brief they took exactly what they needed in terms of information, which is crucial to them as it ensures that they have the right information to create the right images for the client. Looking at this photographers work they also create albums for their client and using their different creative shot ideas and the clients ideas they are able to create a book of photos that shows their creativity as a wedding photographer. They want to use their images to make the client feel special and they also want to create really nice images that will give the client nice memories of their wedding day.


  • They were both given some freedom in creativity and imagination for their shoots and they both had some guidance from the client.
  • They were both on one set location but used their creativity to adapt to their surroundings and made it seem as if all the images where taken in different locations.


  • Their briefs where very different in terms of targets because they are from two different genres of photography and the two clients who wrote the briefs want something very different.
  • They have very different budgets and will be paid different amounts of money. As they are very much two different types of photography and two different jobs they will obviously have two very different budgets and two different rates of pay.


  • Photographer 1 met their brief very well and because they had quite a lot of control over their imagination and creativity their was not a lot of chances for things to wrong with their work as they were aloud to create something personal.
  • Photographer 2 met their brief also as they has a mixture of what the clients wanted and their own creativity, they even managed to create an album of the photos they took and this is obviously something that the client wanted in their brief and them being able to do this shows that they where able to meet the specific needs of the client in terms of type and format of their images.

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