Types Of Photography Employment

Types of Photography Employment

Freelance- A photographer who works for themselves. Sells their photos to whoever wishes to buy them. Rather than working for an agency or a company they work purely off their own back. An example of this is someone working as a wedding photographer or an events photographer. Majority of these photographers are freelance and have their own companies and businesses. A benefit of being a freelance photographer is that you can work on your own and do whatever hours you want depending on the job, it also means you are not tied down to a certain agency and you don’t have to keep reporting back to places like head office. But a draw back to being a free lance photographer is that you may not get a constant flow of work coming in as some people look for photographers at agencies as they are more well known and trusted rather than picking a random freelance photographer from the internet.

Fixed Term Contract- A fixed term contract of employment is defined as a contract of employment which has a definite start and end date, you are given specific guidelines in what you can and can’t do within your job role. An example of someone who has this type of employment is a photography technician or teacher as they have a fixed time of when they can and can’t work, meaning they work when the schools are happening and then they have holidays the same as schools. They are given a fixed amount of time when they are and are not working. They don’t have to come in during the holidays as it is not classed as work time but they can be as flexible as they want withe the holidays. The main perk of a fixed term contract job is that you will be able to get a monthly salary coming in and because it is fixed you don’t have to worry about people calling you and asking you to work more and more hours. But the main drawback is that once it has been stated how long your  contract is you have to see it through unlike a freelance photographer who can back out at any time that they want.

Permanent Contract- A permanent contract is the most common type of employment it is an indefinite contract whereby you are employed by the same company as for such time as the employer or the employee wants to work their. All permanent contracts must include a principle statement. As the contract is a mutual agreement the employer has to give work to an employee in exchange for a paid salary and likewise, the employee is obliged to work.  An example of this in the photography field is marketing products this may include taking images for a fashion company or food for a certain brand or company. The biggest perk of having a permanent contract is that you will be guarrented a constant flow of monthly salary coming in as long as you work, also you will have your job for as long as you or you reemployed want to have you. The biggest downside to this contract is that you have to work and you are not allowed to slack off and not go to work for no reason you have to be their every day as part of your contract.

Apprentice- When you are learning your photography from a skilled photographer whilst working for them for a fixed amount of time at a minimum wage. People often do this when they leave school as it is a way of learning and getting paid at the same time. An example of a job in this field is that you can work for the RAF as a photographer in an apprenticeship. You can also work with a wide range of agencies as they always have work coming in and you can easily find something that you like. It is also possible to work with a freelance photographer as this gives you a good knowledge of how it works to work for yourself. I feel that the biggest benefit of this is that you are learning like you can do at school or college but you are earning money at the same time which is good and you are actually earning money doing something that you love. However a negative to this is that because you are only an apprentice you may not earn the same amount of money as an actual photographer because you are learning new things as well as working.

Example Brief – Wedding Photographer



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