Photography Career Profiles

Job Title and Genre:  Fashion Photographer in Fashion

  1. The person in this job is required to be very forceful with the models that they work with. This is to ensure that they get the right shots from their model and get what they want out of the shoot. They are also required to take the pictures during the shoot and work with the models in order to create their visions and ideas. Their responsibility during the shoot is for them to instruct their models how to pose and how to conduct themselves during the shoot. This is to ensure that they get the right shots that they want and also so they don’t waste time that they have, as they may only have a limited amount of time to carry out their shoot.
  2. They require technical skills like how to properly adapt their camera settings to things like their background, their model and also the lighting that they are using. It is important to know this because they must ensure that they get the shot perfect and if they cannot use the camera perfectly set up then they will have a struggle throughout the shoot and this may waste time. In terms of personal skills they have to be able to get a good relationship with the model so that they are able to understand each other and know what each other’s thoughts and ideas are. This may make the shoot better.
  3. The professional is responsible for taking the images during the shoot and making sure the shot is perfect for the final image. The benefits of this job is being able to get a feeling of everything in fashion and you can learn a lot about all the different fashion trends and everything coming up for the different seasons. They may face challenges throughout this job, this could be anything from not being able to set up the camera properly, not being able to get the right shot that they originally intended to get or sometimes even not being able to create a good relationship with their models and this could mean getting bad results from their shoots.
  4. You can progress into this carer by working in fashion photography to start off with and then slowly doing more and more in the industry to get yourself higher up in the industry and slowly become a freelance fashion photographer. The qualifications that you have to have for this particular job is any type of qualification in art and design or photography as these both work well together and fit into the same categories in fashion photography.
  5. In terms of salary you can anything from £20,000-£50,000 per year and doing different jobs and gaining more experience means that you can explore further into different parts of fashion photography as there are many different things you can do, such working with models, working with makeup artists, taking pictures of clothes for shops and brands and also different things that go further and further on into each category.
  6. A photographer that I have looked at before is Rankin and he currently works in this profession as a fashion photographer. Other people who have worked professionally in this industry are Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Patrick Demarcheiler. I have studied some of their work previously and it has really inspired me and taught me a lot about fashion photography.
  • Below are some examples of fashion photography work.

Job Title and Genre: Food Stylist in Food Photography.

  1. The responsibility of this job role is to make sure that you are always prepared for what the food photographer want’s to shoot that day so you have to make sure that you have every type of food that you will need in order to complete all of the images that have been planned for that day also you need to make sure that every food item looks perfect. You also need to make sure that you have all of the tools you need in order to make the food item look perfect.
  2. When it comes to technical skills they don’t need to have as many technical skills as the actual photographer as they are not working the camera or the lighting or editing because there job is to make the food look amazing but i would say that they have to research ideas for there shoot so they have to look at magazines on line to get inspiration so i feel that that is there technical skills. When it comes to there personal skills they need to be able to listen to the photographer and there plan on what they need to shoot that day also they have to be able to take the criticism so if the photographer wants to change it they need to be able to say ok and change it even if they really like it.
  3. When it comes to the professional responsibility’s of a food stylist is to make sure that they are always fully equipped and always on time to the studio because they are one of the main parts of food photography as they are the ones who create the whole look and the whole scene that the photographer works with As long as the food stylist is organised then the whole shoot should run smoothly. when it comes to the challenges they may face they can always face having the food burn or turn out not how they imagined and they also could face having the photographer not liking there work.
  4. When it comes to skills and characteristics that a food stylist needs to have they need to make sure that they are able to communicate and take in what the photographer wants and what they feel would work as a food stylist and what you feel would work best because if they wasn’t able to negotiate and listen to what the food photographer wants then they wont be employed as much because hey would have difficulty’s accepting the fact that the photographer is the one who’s using it as there work.
  5. When it comes to progression in this career you can progress and further your career by going into advertising and working for company’s like Tesco’s as you will be able to get more jobs a s people would spread your number and give a good word around about your work when it comes to qualifications a bachelor degree might help but when it comes to being a food stylist the quality of your work will make people want to hire you and and make your work stands out weather you have a degree or not.
  6. When it comes to a food stylists salary the usual amount is £23,136 a year but some freelance photographers can earn from £316-£596 but again you can increase your salary by working for major company like Tesco and Sainsburys as they are very big and top company’s who are willing to pay more as they want to have the best to provide for their customers.
  7. A food stylist that i feel is really good at there own work is Janine Kalesis she has done work with tefal and she has done all sorts of different kind of food work so i feel she has a lot of experience she has progressed from doing work for photographers that are not so well known and doing work just for her Instagram but now she has done some work for tefal.
  • Below are some examples of their work:


I feel that there are some differences and similarities between these two job roles and this is good because it is what makes the jobs unique and distinctive and you feel as if though even though your working ion the same big industry you doing something different to others who are working in the same industry. I have managed to find two main differences and similarities between the two job roles.


  • I feel that one key similarity between the two job roles is that they are both in the same industry which is photography and if you do research into photography in general with no specific genre behind it then you are bound to find a variety of work from many different genre’s so it is very easy to get you work noticed as they are under one big industry.
  • Another similarity is that both jobs have various paths that they can lead down in order for you to expand you career and earn more money. For example in both job roles you can go from working with one client and earning hardly any money to then slowly going up to working with even bigger brands and companies which will earn you more money and also put you out their more an expanding your career.


  • I feel that these jobs have some differences and one  of them is that they both involve being on two different sides of the camera, for example one of the jobs involves being on the front side of the camera making sure everything is perfect and positioning things in order to create the perfect shot. Whereas the other job involves being behind the camera and actually taking the pictures and having full control of the camera.
  • Another difference between these jobs is that they are from different genres which could effect the popularity of the work that people do as some genres are popular than others. For example some people may see more of fashion photography than food photography and this could mean that one persons work may be popular than the others meaning different recognition rates for each of them.



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