Research Evaluation

Ass part of our project we have been asked to complete a number of research tasks and during these research tasks we were required to use a number of different research sources and use them as our secondary research sources. As we have used a number of research sources already it is important that we evaluate the research sources that we used so that we know whether they where successful or not and also whether they were helpful to us or not.

To evaluate these sources we where asked to answer a number of questions about the sources that we used in order to evaluate their usefulness.

The first question that we had to answer was

Overall which research sources were most and least helpful in helping you understand the ideas an techniques behind your photographers work and why?

I feel that the most helpful source that helped me understand my photographers ideas was their actual site itself as they put their own personal views on their in their information page. Their information pages help to show their own personal view of their work and they can express their ideas and feelings behind their work and this is key because they can explain the message behind their work so that no body misinterprets it for something else. However I feel that the least helpful source that I used during my research was wikipedia. The reason I felt this was the least helpful is because the information is not actually verified by the artist themselves and people can get into their page and change the information very easily, this means that no body knows whether the information is true or not. Also their is not much information on some wikipedia pages so it is hard to find certain information that you want to know.

The second question that we had to answer was

What were the differences in the sorts of information that you gained from your primary research and secondary research? Which of these methods of research do you find more useful and why?

I feel that the main difference between the primary and the secondary research is that the secondary research is a lot more academic and because you are looking for different resources to analyse there  is only so far you can go with and you can’t explore it in as much detail as you can with primary research. I feel that I found out a lot less with the secondary research as I found a lot less information and understanding of my photographer using research sources of the internet. However with the secondary research I found it a lot more helpful because it meant that I could explore different photographers work physically rather than just reading something off of the screen and I could also experiment myself withe their work and gain ideas better myself because I am actually doing something physical with it. The research source I find the most useful is secondary research as it is a lot more physical and I can go into depth a lot more with physical research rather than research on a computer.

The third question which we had to answer was

Which research skills do you feel you have improved on and which do you still need to develop on?

I feel that I have improved my skills in terms of finding research sources for primary research as I didn’t use primary research much before and because it is a lot more physical i feel that I could develop my skills a lot more as it is easier t again physical research as you can go so many places with it. I feel that I need to improve my research skills in terms of secondary research as I found it very hard in this project to find research sources for my secondary research posts as you can only find so much on the internet and in books which is very limiting when you need to find specific things.

The final question we had to answer was

In the future what would you do differently in order to make your research process more interesting and effective?

In the future I feel that I would add more to my primary research by doing a lot more physical things in terms of research and this could be anything from doing different shoots to going to different places where my artists work is published or is shown. I feel that if I did this it would be a lot more effective to me because it would help me to physically know more about my artists work rather than finding stuff on the internet to read. i also feel that I could go into more depth with my secondary research and try harder to find different sources that would make my research better. I feel that what I got wasn’t enough for me to help understand my photographers work fully and also understand different techniques and things that my artists do. i feel doing these things would make my research more effective and helpful.


One thought on “Research Evaluation

  1. Very interesting Emily – I hope you’ll really build on this in your FMP – just to clarify – secondary research is information which has been gathered by another person (i.e. not you) for example interviews, documentaries, news articles etc this can be on TV, the internet, printed etc. Primary research is information which you gather yourself in person – for example the experience of conducting a shoot to try out a technique, the experience of standing in front of an original artwork, an interview that you conduct yourself etc…


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