Final Movie Ealuation

For our final part of our time and movement project we were asked to use all of our research which we have been doing throughout this whole project. For this project we have been focusing on time and movement and using photographs to create different movies and the movies that we have been creating are stop motions and time lapses. We have had a lot of opportunities to create different time lapses and stop motions, we have had opportunities to create one of each  different movie on as a group and also one independently so that we were sure that we knew exactly what each different technique meant and how it worked, also how to create one. I feel that I got a good experience with doing two different movies using the techniques and that I got to learn in depth what each technique was and how it works.

As part of our final project we where asked to create either a stop motion or a time lapse which is 90 seconds long and advertises a product, service, charity or a campaign. We were also asked to record what we where doing as we go along so that we could prove in our evaluation that we have met the brief, I have done this and below is a screen shot of my construction window which I had.

construction window

This construction window shows that I have met the brief of creating a final advertising movie which is approximately 90 seconds long.

For my idea I chose to do a stop motion movie which would promote natural beauty in women and would promote to women how their skin doesn’t define them and they don’t need make up to be beautiful, they should be happy the way they are. I planned to take around 350-400 photos and I got this number by working out how long my previous stop motions where and how many photos I took for them and I worked out how many photos I needed to take for my final movie to be 90 seconds long. When working this out I also had to consider adding titles and also audio to go along with my stop motion movie.

When I came to editing my stop motion movie it worked out I had taken 398 photographs and when I added my titles to this it worked out that I had  approximately 400 photographs including titles. When I came to editing my stop motion I made my photos go along in an order and I edited it so the pictures where 5 frames per second. I made my titles a bit longer so that people are able to read them and they didn’t disappear so quickly. I added two different titles to my final movie one which would introduce the advert and one which would explain the meaning behind it and conclude it. I also added audio to go along with the movie and this made a lot better as it was less boring and it added some depth and some character to the movie.

My movie was created in three different big steps, one was planning, then shooting the pictures which I needed and the final one was editing.

During planning we were also asked to research different stop motions which relate to what we wanted to advertise and I found a number of different stop motions which helped me gain ideas of what I wanted my stop motion to look like and how I wanted certain things to work in the stop motion. It also taught me a few things about what to add into a stop motion which would make it better and would make it more clearer and consistent. These where things like lighting and audio as many stop motions that I watched included this and they were a lot more appealing to me than others without this where. I found the research really helped me to make my stop motion run a lot smoother and it also helped me to boost my idea and make it better. We had researched different things when we did our individual work and our group work and this helped us to understand our task and what the technique was in more depth and I felt that this helped me a lot in both my final project and other work with stop motion.

We where then asked to write a plan for our stop motion and I feel that this helped me to refer back to my idea more and have a breakdown of what I wanted to do and this helped my shoot and my editing run a lot smoother because I had already planned everything out in depth and also this really helped me when I came to edit my stop motion because I was able to refer back to my planned technical elements that I had already planned and gone into depth with and this meant that I wasn’t stuck experimenting different technical elements and wasting time doing so. When I had done previous stop motions independently and in a group we had planned it before and this meant that the work that I did went a lot smoother and I was able to refer back to a plan whenever I got stuck.

When I was shooting I shot all of my images in the studio and I used a plain white background to shoot my images as it made it a lot easier to shoot my pictures and for you to be able to see the model and the actions she was performing through out the different photos which were being taken. I used the camera on quite a short tripod to avoid camera shake and also the lighting being very jumpy throughout the whole movie. I made sure that the model was in the same position throughout the whole movie so that when I came to edit the movie the model wouldn’t suddenly jump from one side of the screen to the other. I had done the same thing when I had previously shot a stop motion and using these key things made the stop motion come out a lot better so I thought it would be good that I used it again. The only thing that I didn’t like about my final images is that some where very bright and over exposed but you were still able to see what was happening as the images went on. Below are the contact sheets which show the images, which I took for my final stop motion movie.

When it came to editing my stop motion it was quite a simple process although it involved a lot of different technical elements which I had already used before when I created a stop motion both independently and also in a group. In order to make my stop motion 1;30  I firstly had to import my images from my camera to premier pro and then adjust the speed and duration of each image in order for it to be the right length which would meet the brief. I changed the speed and the duration of my images to 00;00;00;05. This level of speed and duration for my images meant that I was able to meet the brief of the final task. We had also been told it was better to add audio to our movies and I did this to make it the best it could be. I feel that because I had already used premier pro to edit my group and independent stop motions I had already been given some rough idea of how to use it and this helped me to be able to edit my images a lot quicker than if I didn’t know how to use it.

I feel that my movie was very successful and that I managed to meet the brief which was given to us at the start of the project.In terms of my idea and concept I feel that I have put across the right message which I wanted to show when I planned my movie and when I came up with my idea. Everything that I did in the run up to the having the final result helped it to be successful and I feel that certain things that I did helped a lot more than other things to contribute to its success. I feel that if I didn’t follow the process that I did my movie wouldn’t have been as successful as what it was and maybe some things would have gone wrong at some points. I am really happy with the success of the movie and feel that all the planning and the concentration throughout has really helped to make my movie very successful. I think compared to other stop motions I have created this is one of the best stop motions that I have created out compared to the two that I had already created, I feel this is the case because other stop motions I created I was only given a small amount of time to create, plan and make them but with this one I was given a lot longer to create and plan for it.  I feel that this made my stop motion a lot better as it enabled me to go into depth with things a lot more compared to what I had created for. Rather than having one week to plan, create and evaluate everything for one stop motion we where given a lot more time for each section, we where given at least two weeks for research, then around 2 weeks for planning and then the final 2-3 weeks we also used this to shoot, edit and evaluate our final outcome. I feel that this helped me final movie to be more successful because I had a lot more time that other movies that I had created before.

I feel that my knowledge and my skills around stop motion photography and animation have definitely improved over the course of the project and compared to when we started to study stop motion and when we started this project its self my knowledge and my skills have definitely got a lot better and this is because I have researched into the technique in depth, done research into movies other people have made and I have also had 3 different opportunities including this final movie to plan create and evaluate a stop motion movie. Using stop motion has helped me to develop my skills in premier pro as before I studied stop motion I did not know how it worked and what it actually did. I feel that my skills in editing have improved a long side this because I have discovered how to use  another form of editing software a long side others used before. I also feel that my skills in research have improved because as to expand my knowledge of stop motion I have had to research things in  a lot more depth than other tasks that we have done in this project so I feel that I can research things and techniques in a lot more depth than when I started this project.

If I was to do this project again then I would help refine my stop motion skills further by attempting to add more things to my final stop motion movie using premier pro to not only make my stop motion better but it will also help to develop my skills using premier pro. I would like to add different sound effects to my movie as I feel that it would add a lot more depth to every action that happens in the movie and it would add a lot of different sounds and it would create an actual story and meaning to everything that happens throughout the movie.

I am very happy with what I created for my final project and I was very happy that I managed to meet the  project brief. Below is my final movie.


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