Individual Time Lapse Plan

We have recently been studying time lapses in class and for homework we have been asked to create our own time lapse so that we can prove that we have understood what time lapses are and also how they work.

For my time lapse homework I have decided to create a time lapse to show the way a clock moves around into different hours and how the time goes along. My time lapse will require around 150-200 photos in order for it to be a good lengthy time lapse that will have some depth and content to it. I feel that if I have less photos than that then I will not have a long enough time lapse and because the photos come and go so quickly it will start and finish too quickly and it will be like  there was nothing too it.

When we created our own time lapses as a group we managed to take around 600 photos and this created a good amount of time for our time lapse to be and I felt that this was a good amount of time for that time lapse to be so I would like to reflect this in my homework project.

For my shoot I will need the following to help it be the best it can be.

  • clock
  • camera
  • tripod
  • lighting

After I have taken my pictures I will take my images and edit them in premier pro and this will enable me to create a good time lapse where I can edit the speed and duration that each photo is on the screen for and I can also add different titles and also music to accompany the time lapse.

I hope that I can get the right images that are consistent with similar lighting as it can be quite jumpy but hopefully my images will be taken quick enough that there is no dramatic change of the camera position or the lighting.


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