3D Problem Solving Evaluation

For my 3D problem solving project I decided to create an advert which advertise bright coloured lipsticks. I thought that this would make the advert bright and colourful and it would be very eye catching if someone was to spot it. I also really like bright coloured lipsticks and I thought it would be a really fun thing to do as I am really passionate about beauty and I really love all different coloured lipsticks.

I chose to advertise the different lipsticks by drawing out different letters using different coloured lipsticks to create the word colour. So I could ensure that I wouldn’t ruin any of the backdrop that I used I made sure that I put the lipsticks on a separate sheet of paper so that it wouldn’t ruin the backdrop. By using the lipsticks this way it would promote the brightness of the colour and how well the colour can be built up and also the stay power of the colour and even though its shown on paper you can imagine how it would look on your lips and how the colour would come out. From my research I also saw that different photographers who shoot make-up create bursts and splashes of colour across their image to promote it even more and instead of using lipstick to do this I used different coloured glitters across the lipsticks and across the background to create the illusion of a splash of make-up without making a massive mess using make-up which could be harder to clean off. Even though I couldn’t use colourful make-up to create a splash I still feel that glitter managed to create the effect quite well as it was still as colourful as the make-up that I would have used.

I feel that I met the brief of solving a 3D problem as I created a 3D arrangement of the a product which advertises it creatively and I used my own ideas and thoughts in which to advertise it. My ideas also came from research and looking at other photographers work in 3D advertising which inspired me for my ideas.

Below is a gallery of images that created during my 3D problem solving shoot.

Below is the gallery of my three best images from my shoot.

I really like this image from my final shoot as I have edited the way I wanted my original idea to be. I used photo shop to make the brightness and the contrast better in the image and this helped to enhance the colour of the lipsticks and also the glitter and make more vivid and vibrant which didn’t come out as well before the image was edited. I also added the block colours of the lipsticks so that you could see close up the colour of the lipsticks. I tried to match the block colours as close as possible to the actual lipstick colour itself and I think I managed to get a good match between the two. I also added text to make it look more like an advert and it also tells you a little bit more about the product and what the advert is about. As the original image on the top is edited it is hard to say what the original settings from the camera where applied to the image. But I took the top photo in the studio using a white background and a soft box light to add some brightness to the colour and also to the background. As the shot was very low down and quite wide it was harder to use a tripod so I took the camera off of the tripod and used the camera free hand and this made it a lot easier to get everything in shot and also to get everything the right position.
best image edited 1
I really like this image from my shoot as I managed to up the brightness and the contrast in photo-shop to make the colours of the background and the image brighter and this is good because in the original image before I edited it, the colours where a lot more darker and plain. I think this was down to the lighting in the image, although I used a soft box light I feel that I could have made the soft box a bit more brighter so that I didn’t have to edit the image as much as I have done. I feel that you can really see the colours in the image now compared to when it wasn’t edited before, I really like the edited version as it is very close to my original intentions. I also took this image in the studio using the camera free handed as it made it a lot easier to get the camera completely above the lipsticks as when it was on a tripod it could only go so low and so faced down and I couldn’t get everything that I wanted in shot. I had quite a broad depth of field in my image as it was quite zoomed in and it wasn’t as sharp as I liked it but it was in focus enough that you can clearly see everything in the image. When I took the image you could see a lot of the background and because there was nothing in that space it was a bit of a waste so when I was on photo-shop I cropped the image so that the background had gone and I think the image looks a lot better now I have done this.
best image edited 2
I really like this picture which is one of my final best images I really like the way in which it turned out. Like my other best images I have cropped out the rest of the plain background using photo-shop and this helped it to be more zoomed in and you can see the  main thing a lot more clearer and more close up. With this image not only did I crop but I decided to play about with the hue and saturation and this made the colours a little bit more subtle rather than bright and I like that as it makes the colours seem more like they are pastel rather than bright luminous colours.  I also took this image in the studio like my other images and the saturation tool on photo-shop helped me get the lighting a lot better in the photo I feel that it looks a lot more softer and its a nice subtle light rather than the bright and quite harsh light it had before. I really like the hue and saturation tool on photo-shop as it really helps to make the colours a lot more visible and rather than them being a lot brighter when using the brightness and contrast tool, it makes them look more visible which is good because the lighting in the original image made the colours a lot less visible but not incredibly bright.

After editing my images I feel that they are very close to my original intentions as when I look at my final images and then I look at my sketches they look very similar and I am very happy with the final results and I am very happy that they where so close to my original intentions. Even though I had to edit my images quite a lot.

I feel that my research really helped to inspire me for ideas and I used my research really well in terms of looking at different photographers work and using their advertising work as inspiration and thinking of ways that I could use that for my idea or put my own spin on it. I feel that my research was very effective, I also feel that without it I wouldn’t have come up with the idea that I’ve got and the idea I may have had wouldn’t have been as well thought out as what my idea now is. I think that my research didn’t only just help me with my ideas but it also helped me to understand what type of thing is very popular with photographers who work in the advertising industry and using this information I could either do something that hadn’t been done much before or go along the lines of something that is really popular. During my research I looked at Dennis Perdesen and his advertising work. He works a lot with beauty and make-up photography in advertising and his work really inspired me as it was something that I really wanted to include in my advertising project. Below is an example of his work in advertising which really inspired me during my research.033_A_Still_Life_Product_Photographer_Pedersen_cosmetic_beauty_makeup_gloss_smear_smudge_spill_juicy_lips_bob_infinite_stack

This image really inspired me doing my research as I think that it is a really good image and I love the selection of lipsticks in his image and also the way he has arranged them. This made me want to create something similar to this and that’s what I tried to do in my project.

My planning also helped me as it made everything run a lot smoother during the shoot and everything in between. Because I had everything planned out very well it meant that nothing went wrong and also it meant that if I ever forgot what I needed to do or I got stuck then I always had the plan their to help me. I feel that the one thing that was effective and helped me throughout the project in terms of my planning was that during  my planning I did sketches and these helped me to keep my idea fresh in my mind when it came to shooting my pictures as I feel that I may not have got the shoot perfect if I didn’t have my sketches with me at the time.

If I had to do this project again then I would change as few things in terms of what I did which I think could make the project a lot better. One thing that I would change is the time that I spent shooting my pictures. I think that I could have spent a bit longer taking my pictures and if I did this then I could have got a few more better results than what I have got now. Also next time I think that I would have taken some more test shots so that I could have found any faults early on and changed them so I didn’t have to deal with them in such a rush when I did the shoot.

I think that one of my strengths in this project was my research as I feel that my research was very effective throughout my project and it really helped me with so many things. My research helped me with things such as my plan, my ideas and also my shoot itself as I was looking back at peoples work that I studied in my research and I used their work to see how I could make my work better and also see how I could change the layout and the set up of my shoot in order to make the lighting or the pictures better as I went along.

I think that one of my weaknesses in my projects would be the amount of editing that I had to do in order to make my images better. I feel that to make each image one of my images I had to edit it so that I was happy with it. I feel that if I took more time with my shoot if I did my project again then editing wouldn’t be one of my weaknesses in this project. I feel that I was mainly doing editing on the lighting in the images and if I spent more time on my shoots for this project then I could have spotted the error in the lighting there and then, meaning I wouldn’t of had to do much editing.






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