Photographer and Issue Evaluation

For this shoot we were asked to do a shoot which is inspired by a photographer which we have ben focusing on during this current project. We have been asked to pick something that we enjoy about their work and what we find striking about their work. We were then asked to use this and an issue that we feel passionate about and that w want to focus on and portray this issue through the thing that we like about our chosen photographer.

The photographer that I have chosen to focus on in this project is rankin and I really like the way that he works with models in his shoots and also the way that he uses a variety of different makeup to portray his models emotions and he also does this through body language.

The issue that I chose to focus on along side this is Anxiety I feel really passionate about this issue as it is something that I feel is very popular at the moment in young people and being young my self I have seen many people go through it before who i am close to and it has really shown me how it can affect people and how it can affect them and they way they are in terms of their personality and emotions.  I also felt that I can easily portray this in a shoot using ranking different techniques as it would be a way of describing and portraying someones emotions through either body language or makeup.

So that I could ensure that I could get true emotions and believable feelings in this shoot I chose to use my friend who has actually been through a few bouts of anxiety in her life before and it really affected her and i felt that if I used her in my shoot then i could get true emotions and she would be able to tell me what she was feeling exactly whilst she went through her anxiety and i would be able to use her story to  help set up my shots and get the right  emotions portrayed through the shoot.

I used makeup on her hands in the shoot and I used the makeup to write out different works on her her hands which represented her emotions when she was going through anxiety, i asked her to tell me what different emotions she was going through during her anxiety attacks and then I would use all these different words on her hands. i chose to put her hand over her mouth as when she was talking to me about her story of anxiety she mentioned to me that she felt as if though she couldn’t let her emotions free when she was going through it and also like she couldn’t talk to anyone. So i felt like that having her hand over her mouth really helped to portray this very well. I also used paper signs which she held in front of her face as when she was telling me about her anxiety she said that she felt a mixture of different emotions all at once and she couldn’t pin point one so I felt that the signs best portrayed this part of her emotions during anxiety.

Below are the contact sheets of the images that I produced during the shoot.

I discovered a few different things about my idea and the studio in general as i worked and some of these proved a challenge to me but some of them worked in my favour and actually made my work a lot better. When i was testing the lighting in the beginning of the shoot some of the images were coming out very bright and initially i thought that this was really bad and that tit would take me ages to actually get the lighting right and to adjust it so that you could see the different words and the makeup. But when i showed these different test shots to the model she really liked them and she said that i could use these images for my shoot as, she suggested that the light could represent the anxiety and the blank emotion on her face could show that the anxiety or the bright light has blinded her or taken over her body. I really felt that this was a good idea and i had never thought about anything like this before and it was really good that she suggested this to me because otherwise i would have discarded the test shots and not done anything with them. Below are some examples of these images that represented what the model suggested to me about the test shots.

However somethings that happened during the shoot affected my results and made it harder to get the results that I wanted originally. When I was shooting the different pictures using the sign it was quite difficult to get the lighting right throughout this part of the shoot and the bad lighting meant that you couldn’t see the different words on the sign and this s was really frustrating for me as it was somethings that i really wanted to use in order to portray my issue. Below is an example of these images.

I feel that I got one main images that really helped to portray my intention and this is because the emotion on the models face really looks deep and meaningful and the dark lighting shows that she’s in a very dark place with her anxiety and she has no one or any light surrounding her to get her through it. i also feel that the words on her hands best describe it as well as it shows what she wants to say what she is feeling but she can’t as the anxiety is stoping her from doing it. Below is an example of the image which I am the most pleased with from the anxiety shoot.


From my experiences during this research shoot i have found that working with models to represent emotions and true life stories is easy as they can also give you ideas for shots that you can do that will best represent what they are describing to you and also they can really give you an insight into different things that they were going through or are going through currently. The shoot has also showed me that even testing the lighting in some cases can give you a really good and useful shot that you can use to represent a different side to their story or will actually give you the results that you like but haven’t originally intended to work with or to shoot. The things that really stood out for me was the way that rankin works with his models and the images that he gets are really good and working during this shoot really showed me how working closely with models like rankin does can get you really good results and sometimes even results that you didn’t even expect that you would get during the planning stage. I feel that working with makeup can  also help to portray emotions.




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