Rankin Inspired Shoot

For homework we were asked to do a shoot inspired by the photographer that we have researched and also who they are inspired by. From my research I have found that rankin is very much inspired by people and the way the are and how different people can be.

From this I decided that I would work with people and rankin being my inspiration for the shoot. For my shoot I decided to focus on judgemental people and how people judge others on their looks and their character even though that they are the same gender.

In my shoot I used two girls who had two completely different characters and personalities but are the same gender. I wanted to show that people shouldn’t judge others and shouldn’t use stereotypes often or even at all. I decided to create a collage of 4 different images that would show the different stages of judging others and how even though two people of the same gender have different characters and personalities they are still the same at the end of the day and there is no reason why they cannot be friends.

Below is my final image collage and the four different images I used in my collage for my shoot.



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