Final movie plan

For our final movies we have been asked to plan in depth certain elements of our Ovid so that we can assure everything runs smoothly when we come to shoot it and that nothing goes wrong, also that we don’t make something up one the day that could ruin our shoot and mess it up.

One of the things that we have to plan is the way that our movie will run and we can plan this part of our movie using a story board, not of every shot in the movie but just plan it out like a rough structure of what will happen throughout, just key points.

Below is the story board for my final movie.

As part of our plan we also have to think about technical elements that go into the making of the final movie, things like frames per second and how many shot we will actually need to take in order to make the movie the right length to meet the brief.

For my stop motion movie I will use my camera on a manual setting as this allows me to be able change as much as I need in the camera for it to be able to adapt to the studio set up that I will have. The reason that I have chosen to put my camera on this setting as when I have previously done a stop motion, I used my camera on that specific setting and I was able to adapt the camera to the studio environment.

I will take my photographs in the studio using a white background and two soft box lights either side of the model.  Chose to do this because, the White background will keep the setting bright and fresh which is what I want as I need the model to be seen throughout the shoot as the movie will essentially revolve around the models face and the makeup applied and taken off of their face. The soft box lights will also keep the background bright but in a subtle way without it being to bright as this may cause problems with the way the lighting shines on the models face. I chose to use these things as my setup as I have created another stop motion using this setup and I really liked the results and the way that I worked. I have also seen this used in other stop motion movies that I have researched and it works very well.

I am unsure yet how many images that I will need in order to make my stop motion as I am not sure how the time will accumulate with the amount of photos that i take. Our final stop motion must be 90 seconds long and previously I made a stop motion that was 25 seconds long, I will use this stop motion as a rough idea on how many images I will have to take in order for it to be the right length.

When I made my first stop motion previously I edited it in the way so that the movie was around 10-15 frames per second which made it flow really nicely and neat so this is roughly the frames per second I will use in my final movie as I have used it previously.

I will use premier pro to peice together my stop motion as this is what I like to use for editing as it enables me to edit the speed and duration of each clip, add titles and text and also sound effects and music.nthese are the tools that I will explore in premier pro when I create my stop motion as it will make it more complex and more professionally made. It will also add some character to the video and it may  make the movie flow better. I may also use photo shop to touch up things in a few images maybe if the lighting is not perfect or I need to change the brightness or the saturation in the photo.

Below is a list of objects and props that I will use in my final movie and how and why I will use them.

  • Camera- I will use this to take my pictures using a 18-35mm lens, I will set my camera to manual
  • Tripod- I will use this with my camera to avoid camera shake throughout the movie and to get a variety of different angles using the camera
  • Soft Boxes- I will use theses as lights to brighten up my background and to add some depth and light to my movie.
  • A variety of Makeup- I will use this as something that is key in my stop motion as it is part of what I am advertising. I will also use this on my model gradually throughout the different shots.
  • A model- I need to use a model to use the make up on and to prove my key message in my stop motion video.
  • White background- I will use this as the base for all of my images as it keep its plain, simple and will also work well with the lights that I am going to use.
  • Premier pro- I will use this to peice together my stop motion to create my final movie

As part of our plan, we have also been asked to plan out our final 3 lessons on this project and show what will do in these lessons and also what we will do inbetween these lessons to make sure everything is prepared for the next lesson.

Lesson one – in this lesson I will take my pictures for my stop motion it will require me to have all my props and my models with me and also to spend some time before hand creating my step up to make sure it is right for the pictures

Homework one- I will use this chance to be able to make sure that I have all my images that I need so that I don’t have to spend two whole lessons shooting and giving me less time to edit and evaluate.

Lesson two- I will use this lesson to make any changes to my images that I may need to do in Photoshop and then edit my stop motion using premier pro, during this time I will also add titles, text and sound effects to the stop motion.

Homework two- I will use this time to touch up anything that went wrong or didn’t happen during editing just to make sure that my movie is completely finished and has now mistakes or has anything missing from it in order for it to be the right length and to flow well for a full 90 seconds.

Lesson three- I will use my final lesson for this project to evaluate what I have done and go over the process in depth and evaluate my final movie. It will give me a chance to go over what I think went well and what I could improve on next time if I had to make my movie again.

Homework three- I will use my final homework opportunity to make sure that everything is uploaded to my blog and is included in my research, plan and evaluation. I can also use this opportunity to make sure that if anything is wrong in my project then I can change it before the project is finished with. It will also give me a chance to complete my evaluation if I haven’t done already.


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