2D Manipulated Image Evaluation

For my 2D advert I decided to advertise a charity and raise awareness for this charity. The charity was guide dogs. Then reason I chose guide dogs was because I feel that it was something that I felt really passionate about it and I also had some really good ideas for how I could create a manipulated image for this charity.

I created an impossible image by showing how a guide dog is like the light in a blind persons life and is also like their vision in their life as they don’t have any. The way I made my image manipulated was by taking a picture of someone and have them have a deep look on their face as if they were blind themselves, then get a picture of a dogs head and put that onto the person face where their eyes should be and have it look like the dog is the vision for a blind person. This made the image that I had impossible because no one would ever have dogs as their eyes even if they were blind or not. It was sort of a metaphor type thing saying that a dog is like someone’s eyes.

Below is a gallery of my final four images that went into my advert and also the final four images put together into collage form.

My final image came out very well and I used photo shop and the studio a lot throughout the project to create my final images. I really like the lighting in my images as the really put the focus on the model as it is quite bright and bold and you can’t really see the white background which could be quite distracting to people. As the lighting was quite bright I had to use quite a short and quick shutter speed so not too much light would be able to get in which would mean that my image would be very under exposed and would just be a white background. Whilst shooting this did actually happen and the shoots below showed what happened when things went wrong during the shoot.

My shutter speed changed quite a bit throughout the shoot as I was trying to get the lighting right and not have it too bright otherwise it would have meant that the model would not have been in the shot. I eventually managed to settle on a certain shutter speed for my images and this gave me really good lighting and clear shots that I could use for my final images.

For my final image I used the layering tool and also the  text and bluring tool whilst editing my pictures and these tool enabled me to make my images better and also to make them manipulated which was in the brief. The depth of field in my image was very clear and all my of my images were very clear and crisp and were not blurry or out of focus.

In terms of my original plans and intentions I would say that my images are very close to my original intentions as I never had a point in the project where I wanted to change my image or my idea as everything went very smoothly and it didn’t require me at any point to change my idea.

My research I feel was slightly effective as it gave me ideas of what to do for my idea and it helped me to find examples of what manipulated imagery was and how different photographers use it in advertising to create many different illusions

My planning also helped me as it made everything run a lot smoother during the shoot and everything in between. Because I had everything planned out very well it meant that nothing went wrong and also it meant that if I ever forgot what I needed to do or I got stuck then I always had the plan their to help me.

If I had to do this project again then I would change a few things and do them differently to make the final image better. Next time I would add more layering to my final images to make it more manipulated and more complex so it looks a lot deeper and a lot more detailed. I would also have refereed back to my research throughout the process a bit more as this could have helped me advance my ideas a lot more and it would have helped me to add more to my shoot and my planning to make it better.

There are a few different strengths and weaknesses in my work that I have found key in my work and that stood out to me from when I looked at all of my work. A key strength that I found in my work was that I feel that I was able to shoot easily and all the pictures that I took during my shoot in the studio were very clear and crisp and were some of the best photos that I have ever taken in the studio even though it ended up that I was going to de construct part of the images and add things too them I still feel that they came out very well. Another strength I found from my work was my ability to edit my image successfully as I have never really worked with Photoshop before and the tools that I used to edit my images I have never actually used before so I was very surprised that it came out well. I feel that my weakness in my work was my time keeping and organisation of the whole project as I feel that I could have used my time more efficiently throughout the project to ensure I could have the most amount of time and effort in to my work as I possibly could. Even though it was good I still could have put more effort into it.


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