Creative Influence Shoot Plan

We have recently been studying a photographer that we enjoy the work of and who we enjoy. I chose to study Rankin as I really enjoy his work and what he does. As part of our research into our chosen photographer we were asked to research their creative and their non creative influences. From this research we have now been asked to conduct a shoot that is inspired by them and their creative influences.

From my research I have found that Rankin’s creative influences is mainly people on his website he has question and answer section and someone asks him what his inspirations are and he talks about how he is really inspired by people and the way people are and what they do.

From this research I have decided that I will conduct a shoot that is inspired by people and that uses people as the main focus for the shoot and hardly any props to accompany the models in the shot.

My idea for this shoot is inspired by Rankin’s influences but it is also inspired by Rankin himself and what he does with his model as one of my favourite things about the way Rankin shoots is the makeup and the bright colours and makeup he uses on his models faces.

Often on social media and in the press recently many people have been judgemental of others and some people are often judged and bullied quite harshly online and this can get to people. The main cause of this is people and I want t show this through a Rankin inspired shoot as people are his main focus and because he is very big in beauty photography he mainly works with make up and models and I feel that doing this will really help to represent fully his creative influences and also what influences me from his work.

For my shoot I will focus on stereotypes and judgemental people. I will use two models for my shoot and I will create two different stereotypes but have them the same same gender so that I can incorporate the judgemental side and the stereotypes into the shoot.

I will use two female models in my shoot and I will have one of the girls dressed like a stereotypical girl with her hair all nice and perfect and dressed in a perfect little outfit and then the second girl I will have dressed as a typical boy with messy hair, plain clothes and mainly dressed like a stereotypical skater boy.

Facial expressions in my shoot are key and not only they way the model looks is important by the way they address each other and the camera is also very important. The stereotypical girl will be looking at the other girl and basically judging her for what she looks like because she doesn’t look like a typical girl. The other girl who is dressed like a typical boy will just be staring into the camera and will have a blank expression on her face almost like she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her because she likes the way she looks.

Below are some example images of what I want the models to look like.




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