3D Problem Solving Research

Erwan Frotin

This photographer works a lot with advertising and he creates different 3d situations to advertise different brands and products. The way he works with 3d things shows that his work is very unique and abstract as not many photographer’s work with advertising this way. He has worked with many different well known and popular brands like adidas, Estee Lauder and he has also done shoots for the well known world wide magazine Vogue. His 3D contains only the products and nothing else that can link the products or things to do with them, this shows that he is only focused on advertising the product that he has asked to do rather that creating a really big and complicated idea that people may get confused by or may not understand or know that its for that brand. His work with brands even though its 3d element is very abstract his ideas and the way he shoots is very simple and easy going, which is good because he focuses the shoot on the brand he is working with rather than other things he can think of to advertise the product or other peoples ideas. Below is some examples of his advertising work.


Carl Warner

The style of Carl’s work is at first very abstract and breath-taking, because at first you wouldn’t think that he is a food photographer, you would initially think that he was a landscape or nature photographer because of all the different landscapes and scenarios that he creates different types and textures of food. His style of photographer is artistic and it is what’s known as a foodscape, because he is creating a landscape from food. His work is absolutely beautiful and it makes you think about all the different things that you can do with food and how you can use food to create art. The meaning of his work is to create a wonderland and different landscapes using different foods. He also uses a lot of different colours in his work to be able to shows the positivity in his work and also the vibrancy of colour means that he is thinking about all the small details in his work and he is able to create something bright and beautiful using something as simple as food. He also has a different range of ideas about what to create and he uses a specific type of food in each of his images and he then includes them in the names. So in his images he uses a lot different things but they will always have some relation to each other or to the scene that he is trying to create. For example in one of images he focuses on the colour yellow and uses pasta and cheese to create a landscape image and the name of that image is ‘Yellow Oasis’. This image is very nice because it is one of the many images that he has that look realistic all of the shapes fit together nicely and nothing is ever out of place in his work so it always look realistic and it never fools the audience, unless you look really deeply.

Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi is a still life photographer who is mainly known for using her photography skills to advertise products. He likes personality and life and whenever he advertises a product his main aim is to give it a personality and bring it to life. He feels that advertising products this way will make it more appealing and will be a good thing that is eye catching for the audience that see the images. Most companies, which advertise clothes, would use a model and piece their items of clothing, which are from another designer or another brand. But Bela has taken a variety of different products from one range and pieced them together to make an outfit. Also instead of using a model he has used the mannequin heads from mannequins that you would usually find in shops that sell clothes. In the media now a days it is a very strong market in terms of figure and fashion, a model is now seen as the perfect figure and the perfect ideal thing that a man or woman should be. Because his audience is mainly young people and most of his work is for magazines for young people he has adjusted his image to reassure teens that this is not the case in the modern world. He has used mannequins instead of a real life model, which suggests to the audience that it will look good on anyone and you don’t have to have the dreams and ambitions of looking like a certain human model in any advertised outfit. He has also only used the heads on mannequins and not their bodies so he has also taken another aspect away of the ideal figure for someone to be able to wear these clothes. He as made the background the same colour as the heads, which draws your attention away from the faces and more towards the clothes, which are completely different colours to the background.

Jenny Van Sommers

Jenny Van Sommers is a well known still life photographer who also works very closely with advertising and has worked with many different well known brands to create different adverts and different images for their purpose and for them to use in their tv adverts and also print adverts. She has worked with many famous brands such as, Nike, Apple, Sonos and also Hermes. Her work is vary varied in terms of style and content, depending on which brand she is working with her style of work changes and this shows that she becomes very close to the client she is working with and always has their original ideas at heart. If she didn’t follow the clients advice and their own ideas then all her work would be very much the same and it would be very clear what her style is and how she works. You can get this idea from many different photographers work in advertising, but for jenny you have to look at her  own work that is non commissioned to tell what her type of photography style is and how she works. Her work in advertising is very recognisable and because she works with a  lot of different well known brands her adverts are shown in a lot of places and everyone will have at least seen one of her adverts which she has produced. Her work for Sonos is one of my favourites because she has really focused on lighting, colour and mood. She has placed different speakers in different parts of the shot and where the different speakers are placed the colour of the lighting is very different and it shows that the mood coming form each speaker is different and the music changes the mood of every different part of the room or the area where the speakers are placed. Here is the example of her Sonos work that I really like.


Dennis Perdesen

This photographers work is very much based around advertising and his work is mainly with well known high street brands and he also does a lot of work with make up, beauty and skin care brands rather than physical product brands which is what a lot of other photographers have work based on or related to. His work is very bright and colourful and this is because he works with make up and beauty brands which use a lot of colour and their adverts need to be bright other wise people wont notice their adverts and they wont buy their  products. His beauty work contains a lot of things like nail polish and  foundation and this means he can work with thing like paint splashes and swatches and a lot of his work shows this is something that he enjoys to work with and that he likes to focus on when it comes to beauty photography. His work with paint splashes and swatches really inspire me and they are something that I would really like to focus on in my 3d problem project. I think it is very good to actually show the physical product, what’s actually inside the packaging, because it make people more intrigued to buy the product and the more creative you get with things like that, the more people will find the advert appealing and attractive. The more people are attracted to it, the more they will want to buy the product. This idea of attractiveness and appealing to the eye is exactly what this photographer focuses on and his work is very appealing and attractive to the eye. He represents products well and will very much make people think about, if not buy the product/products that he is advertising in his images. Below is some examples of his work that I really like relating mainly to makeup, beauty and colour.





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