3D Advertising Proposal


For this project we have been asked to create an advert that involves some form of still life and only taking one image and not layering images so that it is one thing. We have already done layering in 2D problem solving and now we are focusing on still life in 3D problem solving. The objective of this project is to create an advert that could be inspired from another photographer that uses still life and 3D elements throughout. We have already completed research to do with still life advertising and this has inspired us to think of our own ideas and create our own project on advertising.

My idea for this project is inspired by beauty and makeup and I will mainly use bright coloured lipsticks in my project as I would like my advert to be based around bright colours and a pop of colour. The pop of colour will come form the different bright lipsticks and this will essentially look bright in the photo, if not then I can always use photo shop after I have taken the image and use it to enhance the brightness of the lighting and the colour in the image. To make this idea possible I will have in normal black writing ‘A Pop Of’ at the top of the image and using six bright coloured lipsticks I write the word colour using lipstick and the lipstick itself will be attached to the end of the letter when I take the photograph. I also what to try and add splashes of colour into the advert and this may be able to be achieved using different colour paints and water and it many create a sort of pattern of colour on a piece of paper and I can some how include this in my advert. To make sure that my image is something related to still life I will only use one image and not layer a lot of different images in photo shop like we did for the 2d project as this will ruin the 3d and still life element of the project. We have already researched different types of 3d and still life adverts and doing this I came across a few different nail polish adverts that were photographed by a advert photographer called Dennis Pedersen. He mainly focused on different bright colours in his adverts and he created different splashes of colourful nail polishes in his advert and this inspired me to do something similar. I would like to do something similar but I decided that I wanted to do it with lipsticks as this can be a lot less messy and also nail polish is very hard to work with in terms of mess and colour because sometimes the colour can look different in the bottle to when you actually put it on and also because I would need to splash is everywhere  it would create a lot of mess and nail polish is very hard to get rid of and can leave stains or marks on surfaces and clothes, whereas lipstick is a lot easier to remove and in terms of my actual idea it would be a lot easier to work with other than working with nail polish. The reason I chose to focus on bright coloured lipsticks is because it is some thing that a lot of people tend to stay away from and not want to use as much as plain and low key colours such as nudes and pinks, but using my advert it will hopefully encourage people to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to makeup and hopefully start to use bright and bold coloured lipsticks. Hopefully the way I shoot them will not make them as frightening as they are and it will show people that they are ok to wear like normal lipsticks and they shouldn’t be afraid to try something new.

It is important that I sketched my ideas so that I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that I wasn’t trying to come up with an idea on the spot when I was in the studio trying to shoot as this would mean that it wouldn’t be as thought out as I would have liked the whole thing to be and I wouldn’t have been happy with the final result. Below is my sketches of what I would like my advert to look like and how it will be set out for the final piece.



I would also like to add some example pictures a part of my research and this will help me to know what my final pictures will look like and it will also give me an idea of how I want to set things out and also how I want my models to look an how I can position them so that they look right and professional, this will mean my advert will be as I planned and I will be happy with the final advert. Below are some images that I would like to base my advert off of.

These images will be like a base for what I want my images to look like and when merged together to create my advert I think if I use my own images like this then my advert will look really good and it will be just like I planned it during my sketches, I don’t mind if my final advert looks different to my sketches as when it comes to writing my evaluation I can say that I was always thinking about ideas and that during my shoot I decided to change slightly.

I’d say that my target audience is mainly young girls and younger women. This is because they are mainly the people that would go for something a bit bolder and a bit brighter in terms of lipstick and colour because they feel more braver to do so and they will be able to step out of their comfort zone a lot easier than older women. Also this is the main audience in the market that by makeup the most other than a lot older women. Many young girls try different lipsticks during their teenage years as they want to know what it looks like and how it turns out. Everyone has tried bright lipsticks at some point before to know exactly what its like and what it looks like on them. Also some people use it as well for fancy dress and for costume purposes and my advert could be used to advertise lipsticks for this purpose also.

I hope that the outcome of my advert will show people how good bright lipsticks can look on you and will encourage people to really step out of their comfort zone when it comes to make up and try a different coloured lipstick when doing their makeup even if its just once.

There is a small cost involved in my project because I need to buy some of the lipsticks that are bright, I already have some bright lipsticks already but there are just a few more different colours that I need to buy so that I can actually spell the word colour.

As I am just photographing products and not people I don’t need any people to shoot and therefore I don’t need any talent in my shoot. However I may need someone to assist me when it comes to doing the shoot on my own. If I need something moved and I cant move because of the camera then I would need someone to help me behind the scenes of my shoot.

Below is a list of things that I need to have in order to complete my shoot

  • 6 bright coloured lipsticks
  • Paper
  • Studio
  • Studio Lighting
  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Paint

The shoot in total should take me around half a day as a lot of things that I need for the shoot I can prepare a few days in advance so that they are ready for the studio. I also don’t need to go anywhere and shoot on location so this saves me a lot of time to do other things such as editing or writing the evaluation.

I’m not sure how much editing will be involved because I haven’t taken the images yet. If there is any editing involved it shouldn’t take me long as there shouldn’t be much involved.

Before the real shoot itself I will try and take some test shots for the project. This will give me a rough idea of what the advert will look like in the end and what sort of editing I will have to do. It will also show me if there is anything that is going wrong or could go wrong on the day and knowing this it will give me a chance to change anything that I need to or I can add things if I feel that it needs something else added because it may look too bare or not bright enough. My test shots will also show the development between trying it once to actually doing the shoot and I can include this in my evaluation as development of my idea and how I took a problem and was able to solve it and I can prove that as well.





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