Rankin’s Creative Influences.

Rankin grew up and started his career mainly in the 1990’s and this was the time in his life when he decided that he really wanted to be a photographer and that he didn’t want to do anything else. He started a course in university but soon realised that wasn’t for him so he dropped out and started a course in A-Level photography.

Theres was many things in the 90’s that influenced him and that inspired him in terms of his shoot and his variety of different ideas. There are two main things that I have found from researching his influences that helped to influence and inspire his ideas.

He has done many interviews in the past and in a lot of them he explains who and what have creatively inspired him.

However one his FAQ page on his personal site he talks about his childhood experiences with his father. He discus’s how his father used to take him to the cinema when he was younger and he used to admire the screen as just one big square and take that as how he should view other things in life, he claims that his only “connection to imagery was through films” and it was the only way that he could connect with images and moving stills. He goes onto say that this is the way that he saw perspective on life after he had been to the cinema and as he looked out of the car window on his way home ” and was very aware it was the shape of a film screen when you went to the cinema”.

This is what he used as his perspective and war influenced him in terms of imagery and moving stills she he came to start photography and getting to know what it was and how it worked.



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