Final Movie Research

Mario Testino 

Mario Testino is a beauty and fashion photographer who has created many images using different make up and clothes. His work has inspired me during this project as I have chosen to focus on make up and beauty to put in my advert. One of my favourite images by him to do with make up is his picture of Cara Delvinigne where he poured foundation across her face to make it seem as if though she has applied a lot of foundation and it also applies to my message of my stop motion which is girls wearing a lot of make up and thinking that it makes them look better and people will change their opinion of them because of it. The picture that I really like by Mario is below. His work is relevant to my project as it is mainly focused on fashion and make up and that is something that is the main focus in my project. His photo of Cara shows how much make up girls wear and how it changes them. This relates to my project as the message in my project is about how girls think make up makes them look better and how it changes peoples opinion of them when really it doesn’t they should see you the same way as they always would, for your personality, not your looks whether this is with or without make up.



Rankin is a very well known beauty photographer who is known for his work to do with make up and models and he creates pieces of art on peoples faces using make up and body paint and some of his images are amazing and the make-up in his images are stunning and the way he shoots the model makes the make up seem flawless and beautiful. I chose to research his work for my project as what he shoots in mainly all his shoots which is make up and beauty, is what I have to focus on for my project. His shoots are very abstract and they makeup looks he gets to create are really bright and bold. You wouldn’t think that it would be the work of a fashion and beauty photographer because the make up looks are almost like works of art that have been put onto someones face. On of his images really stood out to me when I was researching for this project as it showed something that I really wanted to do in this project and a look that I wanted to include in my stop motion. Pat of my message in my stop motion advert is that your makeup and your skin shouldn’t define you or how people see you, I want to show this by having a series of clips of someone smearing makeup across their face as if to say that they don’t care what they look like and they aren’t interested in wearing a ton of makeup. When looking through Rankin’s  beauty work I found one image which is exactly what I wanted to show in my stop motion;Beauty-More-is-More-by-Rankin-MUA-Andrew-Gallimore-1-1024x672.jpg

This image is a lot like something that I want to create and even though I won’t be able to create something as abstract as this its still very close to what my idea is.

Another part of research we can do is to look at different stop motions that other people have created that may be similar or the same as our idea for our final stop motion.

Stop Motion Creation

For my creative research I have looked on you tube for some different stop motions that people have already created them selves that are similar to my idea.

From looking at different stop motions I have found one in particular that is very similar to my idea and what I would like to create for my final stop motion.

The video below is what I found during my research






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