Final Movie Proposal

For my final movie using stop motion I have decided to focus  on making a movie which  advertise different makeup because I really enjoy beauty and fashion and this plays a good part in fashion and beauty. A lot of different photographers create really cool and abstract pictures when it comes to beauty photography and especially using make up they use it like a piece of paint to create a piece of art that they will use in their work. This type of thing really inspires me and this is why I have chosen to advertise make up and beauty.

My Specified client and target audience will be young girls and young women mainly around the age of 15-40 as this is a typical sort of age range for women that wear make up and use make up on a regular basis. I know this because I work in a store that sells make up and everyday I see a wide variety of age ranges buying make up and being interested in make up and this is where I not only get my rough age ranges from but also my passion for make up, beauty and fashion. Being around it almost everyday rubs off on you and really gets you interested on what its about and how each thing works differently to create a finished look.

For my final movie I plan to advertise how your skin doesn’t define you and that wearing make up change the way people see you. I feel really strongly about this as it is something hat everyone should consider and also something that people should know about.

I will use stop motion to slowly build up a make up look and add inspirational text throughout to deliver the initial message to people at the start so they kind of get a rough idea about what the advert is about and what the message is. Then as the make up builds up in will become more and more intense and the make up will get better and better. As the make-up gets put on I will include a close up of each product so it looks like a ‘typical make up tutorial’ that you may find on you tube. This influenced the title of what I wanted to call my stop motion and it will show people how typical these things can be and how make up is seen as such a big thing in this day and age.

To really put across my idea and message I will then smear the make up across the models face so it looks really rough and messy it will show that, the model doesn’t need make up to define who she is and how people see her in terms of the way she looks and the amount of make up she has on her face. I will then add a few pieces of text at the end which will explain how make up and your skin shouldn’t define how you look and what people think of you in terms of looks.

Below are some images and a real stop motion video which is an example of what I would like to create for my final stop motion advert project.

This is a very close match to what I would like to create for my stop motion as it looks in the beginning like a normal make up tutorial as it shows getting the products out and getting them all together and showing up close what each thing is. Then building up the make up on the persons face. But then it changes and when the make up is finished the person behind the camera scrunches up the paper with the make up drawn on to it and makes up the ripped up parts into a heart and writes a really nice message onto the heart about beauty and make up. This is really like what I want to do and this has really inspired me and given me some more ideas on what I can add to make it better and also how to set things out.

I also found some images relating to my final idea.




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