Zeitgeist Of The 1990’s

As part of our photographers research for our project we have been asked to look at the decade in which their work became well known and they started to become more of a well known photographer. The photographer that I am studying is Rankin and he became a well known photographer and started working more in depth with photography and the media.


The decade that he started to work this way was is the 1990’s and this was quite a big year especially for people like photographers because the 90’s was known as the birth of the internet and google was also created in the late 90’s and also in the early 90’s yahoo was created by David Filo. For photographers the early 90’s was a great year as it saw the creation and release of adobe photoshop and this was really good for photographers because it meant they could advance their work in so many different ways and it meant that they could make their work a lot better and in a shoot they could afford to make mistakes because now that they had photo shop it meant that they could edit it out straight after and perfect any impurities that they may have found after a shoot that they couldn’t see before.

The 90’s in general was a really good year and so many different things were on trend and popular and this meant that there was a breakthrough for different things and it made them symbolise the 90’s and they become typical things that we think of and relate to the 90’s in this decade which is almost 20 years later.


In terms of style and fashion it was very much influenced by T.V and film and the different characters and their fashion and style rubbed off on everyone else and became the symbolic fashion of the 90’s. As friends was such a popular T.V show many women watched and became loving fans of the iconic character Rachel and her hair styles and fashion became very popular and from research I found that ‘the most popular hairstyles for women was the Rachel from friends. This shows that T.V and film had become so popular that even characters from T.V shows had influenced little things like our hairstyles and fashion choices and this is something that made the 90’s iconic and essentially a zeitgeist of the 90’s. Another example of T.V and film influencing our fashion choices is a very popular outfit for mainly the men that could essentially be taken as inspiration from a very popular 90’s T.V show which was ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ and this was a very iconic outfit from the main character and as it was such a popular iconic fashion statement in the 90’s you can tell that it was influenced by the program as this was also something  that was popular in the 90’s. I found this from research as some one wrote the following about fashion ‘overalls (hooking one strap and letting the other hang open )’.

News and Significant Occurrences.

Something that was very big in the 90’s was a breakthrough that showed how far we had come not only in terms of technology but also science. Th first animal was cloned and called ‘Dolly the Sheep’. This was a significant event that happened in the 0’s as it showed how science and technology had changed and also different things can be done because no one ever thought that you could clone a person let a lone an animal. During research I found that ‘Dolly the sheep, as the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, is by far the world’s most famous clone. However, cloning has existed in nature since the dawn of life. From asexual bacteriato ‘virgin births’ in aphids, clones are all around us and are fundamentally no different to other organisms. A clone has the same DNA sequence as its parent and so they are genetically identical’. Another thing that became big news in the 90’s was the end of the cold war which is something that dragged on for a long and painful 11 years. However this war finished in 1992 and kicked off the early 90’s with a happy spirit and many people were happy that it was over and that the 11 years of pain was finally over. From research I found that the cold war ended well because ‘By the end of the period, the Berlin Wall had fallen, the Soviet satellite states of Eastern Europe were free, and the Soviet Union itself disbanded. But the United States and its diplomats struggled to cope with new threats to global stability—and take advantage of new opportunities’. The news was very big in the 90’s and it showed a change in things such as technology, science and also politics. The news took over the world and it took it by storm and people were either really shocked or surprised about the news and the difference in the opinion on the two significant stories showed how different in circumstances the news had then.


One thought on “Zeitgeist Of The 1990’s

  1. Great work again Emily you have used quotes here which is fab – remember to show where they came from by putting a reference to your biography in brackets after the quote (you can use a simple numbering system but your are also more than confident enough as a researcher to use the Harvard system I believe). Let me know if you’re not sure.


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