Stop Motion Homework Plan

For my stop motion homework I have decided to focus on building something up or peicing something together. I can do this using a variety of different things and put them all together one by one and taking a picture each time.

I have decided to create one using my name and peicing sweets together in a row to create the different letters and then eventually make a name. I will call my stop motion the making of a name. To make it longer I will then start taking the sweets away so if reverses the process and the sweets all disappear.

I will edit my stop motion using premier pro this way I can add music, titles and also change the speed and duration of all of the clips to ensure that they flow nicely.

I’m going to use a white background to ensure nothing gets in the way or you can’t see anything that will distract you or get in the way. I plan to take around 120 photos so I have a long enough stop motion but this all depends on how many sweets I have to work with.

I must also make sure I use a tripod to keep the frame in the same position and also so there is no shakes or movement as this can make it quite jumpy.

Below is list of things I need to use to create my stop motion.

  • Camera
  • Sweets
  • Tripod
  • White Background
  • Premier Pro

I will track my editing progress by taking screen shots as I edit and upload them to my evaluation post.


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