Indepentdent Stop Motion Evaluation

As homework we were asked to create an independent stop motion video. We could do whatever we wanted as long as we had enough images to create a good long stop motion that wasn’t over quickly.

I chose to show the process of making a name and piecing sweets together to make letters and then this will make a name. It was very easy to make and was very quick in terms of taking the pictures and piecing the things together to make the name.

It wasn’t my original idea to do this, my first idea was to piece a puzzle together and create a stop motion using a puzzle, but with the puzzle I had I figured I would have so many images and the whole thing would take me too long. I tried to keep some of my idea the same as in the way I pieced things together and made something out of things, but I just changed what I would make so that it would take me less time and It meant that I would have less images to edit and to work with when I made my stop motion.

I used a canon 1200D to take my pictures and I used the flash so I had some control over the lighting in the images and that I knew that in some way the lighting of the image was kind of the same each time. I used the carpet as the background because it was plain and it was the only thing I could use that was close to a studio white background. I didn’t use a tripod as I didn’t have one to use, so I tried to keep the camera in the same place all the time and I got some one else to do the movement in the picture for me so I didn’t have to move the camera all the time and this is the thing which would have made it not very clear and very jumpy in  terms of transition between each image

The process I used to do this was taking the images, then put them together using premier pro and this enabled us to add different things like sound effects, titles and music to accompany it.

The process was different to our groups experiment because we had longer to do it so we had longer to think of an idea and we also had time to take the photos when we wanted and had time to change them if they were wrong or we wanted to change our idea. My idea was very similar to one that I researched which was a puzzle build and this was a name build and also kind of a picture build so they had similar aspects without being exactly the same.

I think that the images them selves were half successful and half unsuccessful, this is because they way everything was pieced together in each picture went well but the technical and the nitty gritty stuff behind the images I think I could change next time as I couldn’t use a tripod as I didn’t have one and this made it jumpy and it didn’t flow as well as I wanted it too. Also the lighting wasn’t very good and it kept going from light to dark, I think this is because the camera kept moving and I had the flash on as well.

In terms of the actual stop motion its self I am very pleased with it all of the pictures went well together and I did the clips at 30 frames per second and this gave it a nice speed to be able to see every image properly before it moved on and it wasn’t to quick that you couldn’t understand what happened.

My skills of stop motion has improved throughout this task because I have learnt the following.

  • What stop motion is
  • How it works
  • How you create one
  • How to use premier pro
  • How to add clips and sounds to a stop motion
  • What makes a good stop motion

In terms of improvement I think there are things that I can do next time to make my stop motion better and I can do this using the knowledge and the skills that I have learnt throughout this process. Next time I will make sure to use a tripod as it will make the whole thing less jumpy and this means it will flow better. Also I will use a studio background and lighting  as it will make the stop motion a lot clear and there’s nothing the will move or change in the background throughout the stop motion other than the subject I am photographing. On the editing side of it I will try and add sound effects to my stop motion, even though I have added music I think it would be better with sound effects as it will give the movement throughout the movie a lot more definition.

Below is the final movie that I created and also some screen shots from the stop motion editing process.






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