Stop Motion Group Plan

Stop Motion is cinematographic technique whereby the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example to give animated figures the impression of movement.

Our main idea as a group for our stop motion photo shoot, is to buy some play-dough, and make little characters out of it for our stop motion. We are going to create little miniature people out of play-dough and create a story with them. One person will be moving the characters between each shot, and the other two people will be taking the photographs at every frame. Every frame will be slightly different as the play-dough character is moved.

We will need a camera and a tripod to create our photo shoot. We thought that we could use a spotlight to draw attention to the play-dough character we created and keep them the main focus of the shot. Or we could just use general lighting to create ”natural” lighting. It would also look good if we added a  vignette effect on Photoshop to the images to draw even more attention to the characters in the middle.

We will piece our stop motion together using premier pro and this is editing software for images and video and we also used this to make are time lapses so we have some knowledge in how this works.


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