Stop Motion Group Evaluation

For our stop motion work, we decided to photograph little playdough characters against a white background, and taking photographs as they moved. We had to use a tripod to sit out camera on, playdough, and a white background, and also a table to put our playdough characters on. Firstly we had to set up our white background on the table so that we had a plain canvas for our colourful characters to go on. We also set up the tripod with the camera on it slightly above and in front of the characters. The first image that I took was a picture of a sheet of paper which said the title of our story on it, ”Pete, Sandy, and Ronald the dog”.

We took our first selection of photographs, and in the starting frame there was a yellow circle in the right top corner (sun), and a tree. Slowly we moved a playdough car into the frame, and in every frame of the car moving, we added a ray to our yellow sun. At the end of the frame where the tree was, once the car had got there we had it crash into the tree. A man then appeared by the crashed car, as if he had fallen out. Green leaves also came into the frame from the tree, and blood around the mans head.

We then decided to bring a playdough woman into the frame, however the frame was not big enough to have her, the man, and the tree in it. So we decided to zoom out on our camera so the frame was much bigger and a lot more could fit into it. We then re did the first scene that I just explained, but with a much bigger frame.

For the next scene a woman slowly came into the frame and stood beside the man with her dog, and then a 999 sign came up and an ambulance came into the frame to take the man away. After that, the ambulance took the man away. After this scene, we had the man in a hospital bed and the woman besides him. We had to slowly move her hand and his so that it looked like they were holding hands, and then a heart appeared above them.

In the next scene, the couple were standing in the middle of the frame with the sun above them, and her baby got bigger as we added more playdough to it and then a baby appeared in their arms. After this we added lots of love hearts coming in around them in a circle. This was the ending of our story, and so we had a sheet of paper saying ‘The End’ which panned across the screen.

The playdough slightly stained the white background which ruined it a little bit as the background ended up not completely plain because we had to keep moving the characters. We didnt use any special lights,we just took the photographs with the main lights in the room on. Some of the photos came out darker than others which we will have to adjust on photoshop, or just delete some of the too dark images. Also in some of our images my hand was in the side of the frame, so we can delete or crop those out.

After selecting the best images and deleting the few that werent good, we put them into Premier Pro to make them into a stop motion video. We had to make a custom sequence because on premier pro our images was zooming on. So we set the custom size and then imported all of the images onto our sequence. We moved them all into the selection area, and changed the speed duration 00:00:10 and tried this speed out to see if we would like it. We ended up keeping this speed for the majority of the images. For the final 6 images, it was a sheet of paper that said ‘The End’ on it going across the screen, and we made the duration of those 00:00:20 so that you could read it and it wouldnt fly past. We also made the first picture in the video which was the title of our story, 3 seconds long so that you could read it.

Below is our final movie that we created and also an image of the construction window that we captured whilst we were editing the image.

megan emily kat




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