Group Time Lapse

As our group task we where asked to go away and create our own time lapse. We had freedom to go where ever around the college campus or the local town to create our time lapse and it was a bit difficult to to think of an idea and be able to shoot it in the time we had.

We decided to focus on the cars as they are constantly moving and it would be really good to shoot as you would get a really consistent time lapse as there is always something happening on the road. To get the full view of the road without coursing any harm or distraction to drivers we decided to stand at the very top of the multi-storey car park in the town and used this to create a full pan of all the cars and all the action that was happening on the road. We were consistently pressing the shoot button on the camera to ensure we had enough images to create a good time lapse. We Magee to create a good 300 images and then all that was left to do was peice it together in editing. It was quite difficult to edit as it was a programme we had never used before but we finally managed to work it out.  Below is the final result of e time lapse we created.

This was a very fun time lapse to create and I enjoyed making my first time lapse. I would like to continue creating a lot of different time lapses as this was the first time lapse I created. I also feel that I need to advance my skills in premier pro as I don’t really use it much and I need to know how to use it properly so I can easily create a time lapse.


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