Manipulated Image Proposal

For this project we have been asked to create an eye catching advert that uses manipulated images to advertise something. This can be to advertise anything whether its a product, service, charity or a problem we face in society today. We have been asked to work with 2D and 3D problems and also work with photo shop in order to create the manipulated effect in the advert.In order to create a professional and successful outcome then we were asked to carry out general and contextual research about manipulation in advertising and how different artists create a manipulation effect in the media. Also we discussed how manipulation makes us think about different things in the media and how it changes our views on things compared to how our opinion would be if it was a normal image and it wasn’t manipulated.  This project will initially help us to solve 2D and 3D problems within advertising, but also when it comes to creating the advert it will help us to develop our photo shop skills and we will be able to use photo shop a lot more complexly and it will develop our skills a lot further for future projects involving Photoshop.

My idea for the project is to create a manipulated advert that advertises guide dogs for the blind. Most guide dog adverts are the same old thing and I wanted to create something unique that hasn’t been done before in terms of this genre of advert and what the advert is advertising. To make my advert impossible or manipulated then I had to make sure that I had take at least 2 different photographs to merge together to make it seem manipulated. When I chose to advertise guide dogs, I thought how I could show people that guide dogs change peoples way of life for the better and how they can see the world differently just because of a dog. Most manipulated adverts are quite wild and wacky and very weird and I wanted to follow the same route as this. For my advert I want to take a number of photographs and merge them together and put them into four different sections on the page and I can do this using photo shop. For the first section of the advert I want to photograph someone who is blind and show them looking sad and lonely because they have a struggle in life to get by and do things that normal people can do easily as a basic day to day thing. For the next section of the advert I would like to take a photograph of the blind person again with the same facial expression and body language as before, but using the spot healing brush tool on photo shop to remove the eyes and the mouth from the person and this shows that they are lost and lonely and can’t be anyone without a guide dog and they don’t feel right. Then using photo shop again, mainly the layers on photo shop, I will use a photograph that I will take of a dogs face to replace the eyes and the mouth of the person and this will essentially be telling people that a guide dog gives a blind person their identity back and makes them feel like they have some independence. Also to some blind people having a guide dog is like having someone who is there for them or just like having a friend that they can rely on. Then for the next frame I will photograph the dog on its own and include some information about a guide dog. Then for the final frame I want to represent how a guide dog is like a guardian angel to a blind person. To do this I will need to use manipulated imagery and photo shop again to make it seem this way. I will there for need to photograph a pair of angel wings and also the dog again and then use photo sop to merge the two images together to make the dog seem as if it is a guardian angel to the blind.

It is important that I sketched my ideas so that I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that I wasn’t trying to come up with an idea on the spot when I was in the studio trying to shoot as this would mean that it wouldn’t be as thought out as I would have liked the whole thing to be and I wouldn’t have been happy with the final result. Below is my sketches of what I would like my advert to look like and how it will be set out for the final piece of manipulated advert.

I would also like to add some example pictures a part of my research and this will help me to know what my final pictures will look like and it will also give me an idea of how I want to set things out and also how I want my models to look an how I can position them so that they look right and professional, this will mean my advert will be as I planned and I will be happy with the final advert. Below are some images that I would like to base my advert off of.

These images will be like a base for what I want my images to look like and when merged together to create my advert I think if I use my own images like this then my advert will look really good and it will be just like I planned it during my sketches, I don’t mind if my final advert looks different to my sketches as when it comes to writing my evaluation I can say that I was always thinking about ideas and that during my shoot I decided to change slightly.

I’d say that my target audience would be everybody, I want to reach out to everybody and show them how important it is to reach out to the blind and also guide dogs and the charities that home them and train them. I think if I had to give it a specific target audience then I would choose dog owners in general because they have a special love for their own dogs that no one else has and some people see their dogs as another member of their family and they know how special and sacred a dog can be to a person and I hope my ad will help them to see this idea more.

I hope that the outcome will show people how important guide dogs are to people, but put a weird and fun twist on it, hopefully this will encourage people to sponsor guide dogs and donate to guide dog charities.

There is no budget involved in my project as it doesn’t involve me to travel anywhere or buy anything for it it just involves me using the college studio, with my own equipment and going to places really local to me to take my pictures.

I will use a dog and a person for my project and this is the only form of talent I need for my photo shoot. I don’t need to get anyone in to do it with me, for the blind person I will use my friend who has featured in my photo shoots before and I know she will participate well with what I want her to do. For the dog I will use my friends dog who is very well behaved and I know that it will participate well as it will be a very quick thing that I need to use the dog for.

Below is a lit of things that I need and will use for the project.

  • Studio
  • Camera
  • Dog
  • Angel Wings
  • Person
  • Photoshop

The shoot in total should take me about a day as I have to go to two different locations to take my pictures but I don’t have to take many pictures so it should be pretty simple and quick, especially because I already know what I want to do.

As the editing is quite a complex process it may take me one or two days to do this so that I can get it perfect, then all that’s left to do is an evaluation.

To practice for our final piece I managed to shoot some images as test shots for the project that I can merge together on photo shop to see roughly what my final piece will look like. We were given the option to either use two of our own images that we have taken ourselves or one image from the internet and one of our own images. This is what I decided to do as I needed to take a picture of a dog and I cant get a dog in the studio today. I will use the images to create a rough copy of my final piece. Hopefully using the tools on photo shop for my rough copy, will make me more confident when it comes to creating my final piece. It will also give me a rough idea on time and how long and complex the whole thing will take. Knowing this will help me to mange my time a lot more efficiently when it comes to the final project and I will be able to meet the deadline. I’ll be able to organise myself over the time we have to do the project and complete it in the time that we have been given. It is also important that I give my self time to complete my evaluation and to upload the images that I have. Even though it might not take me long, I need to give myself time to complete the evaluation to a high standard.


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