Stop Motion Research

Stop Motion Definition

Stop Motion- this technique is known as a cinematographic technique and is used in photography and it works by repeatedly stopping and starting the camera to give the illusion of movement. It is commonly used with cartoon characters to make them seem as if they are moving.

Video Research 

This video is an  example of stop motion as it shows the progression of the drawing as the different lines are being drawn. The different lines build up the characters and then stop motion is used after the characters are drawn to show their movement and the movement of their lips and their bodies and its all down through drawings and different lines. I chose this video as it is a prime example of stop motion and shows clear movement of the characters and the progression of the drawing. Its very clear and consistent and isn’t jumpy if it was it may be harder to understand and it wouldn’t flow properly like a normal stop motion should. From research from this video I have found that when creating stop motion you have to take a picture every time something happens, even if something moves or you add something like a line to a drawing or move a toy character across a set. If you don’t it doesn’t make it clear or consistent and it doesn’t flow properly. I feel this is a successful stop motion as it flows nicely and there’s no stops or stutters throughout its nice and consistent. There’s a good constant pace throughout and it doesn’t go too quickly. I think if it went to quick then it would be harder to follow and you would constantly be pausing it to try and follow what’s happening. This video has given me a few ideas and one of them is to start a small drawing and slowly build it up taking pictures each time I add a line or as more detail to it. this will shown the progression from a plain piece of paper to a finished drawing.

Some editing has been added to this stop motion to help with creating the transitions from each different frame. Although the stop motion is very drawing based there is still some real life aspects involved. So this is also where the editing would come in.


This video is also another really good example of stop motion and this is why I chose to discuss it as it is a really good example. This video shows the putting together of a puzzle and how each piece is put together and matched to another to create picture. At the end of the video it is stated that this video uses 1,120 photographs to create this stop motion video and it took the person who made this 40 hours to build the puzzle and take the photos at the same time. This part of my research helped me to see that its important, that if I was doing this stop motion then I would need to pay close attention, to which piece goes where and when I put a piece down to take a picture to make sure there isn’t no gaps in the puzzle for example if you only take a few pictures when doing the puzzle then it could go from having one piece of the puzzle to having 100 pieces. I think this is a successful stop motion as it shows clearly the build up of the puzzle and its clear and consistent, the progress from start to finish is shown through a stop motion containing an image of when each piece is placed and when it all comes together it looks really impressive and all the build up throughout the stop motion pays off with the final result. This video gives me an idea quite similar to what was in this video, but on a smaller scale. I would like to create a puzzle stop motion as they are really impressive stop motions and they are fun to create.



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