Time lapse Research and shoot plan

Time Lapse Definition 

Time Lapse- A way of filming something when many photographs are taken over a long period of time and are shown quickly in a series so that a slow action (such as the opening of a flower bud) appears to happen quickly when really its in a mixture of different images.

Time Lapse Videos 


In this video it shows a variety of different time lapses on the same camera. It is an example of how one camera can create many different time lapses just by changing the settings so that they adapt to the surroundings. There are some really good examples of different time lapses in this video which include

  • Rain falling on the ocean
  • Cars driving down a busy street
  • People moving

I have chosen to discuss this video as it shows many clear consistent time lapses and shows the movement from each photo to another really smoothly with no changes in angles or in position. From knowledge and research I have found that you have to use a tripod when doing a time lapse to avoid camera shake and a change in the way the the photos move and flow together. Its a succsesful time lapse because all the images flow well together and there’s no stop or start between the different photos. This shows many different examples of time lapses which has helped me to ddcicd which types of time lapses I would like to do and where I would like to shoot them.


Another time lapse video I have looked at if of a girl who was growing up and her parents photographed her once a year until she was 14

This video shows a time lapse of a girl growing up and shows the changes in her face, body and identity over the 12 years that she has been born. The girls process of growing up is clear and documented through a time lapse and the way the photo’s are paired together for each different age makes the time lapse very clear and consistent. I chose to discuss this video because it shows dedication to a time lapse, by dedicating time and remembering to take a photo each month for 12 years. When its pieced together it looks really extrodinary.

As part of our homework we have been asked to create our own individual time lapse. Going from my research and group task I know it’s important to have at least over 100 photos to create a good solid time lapse. Also it’s good to take quick consistent photos so there’s a good flow throughout. For my idea I have chosen something which I can photograph consistently and will supply me with the right amount of photographs to create a good solid time lapse. I have decided to focus on time and the minuets on the clock. Using the clock I will photograph time when every minute or 5 minuets past and when the time lapse is created it will show how time goes past and will jump consistently from different times on the clock.


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