Time and Movement Introduction

Terms To Define

  • Motion Blur Photography
  • Frozen Motion Photography
  • Panning Photography
  • Slow Sync Photography

Motion Blur Photography 

Motion Blur Photography is the apparent streaking of light and movement of fast moving objects. This is created using fast movement and slow shutter speed and creates streaks of light and represents the amount and the speed of movement happening within the image.

Here is an example of a image created using motion blur photography.


This image is created using motion blur photography as it uses a slow shutter speed to capture the constant movement of the dancers and creates a ghost like effect of the people who have moved constantly into different positions and the camera uses the shutter to capture their constant movement.

Frozen Motion Photography

Frozen Motion Photography is a technique which suspends movement completely and keeps the moving subject still and captures the movement as it happens. It uses a fast shutter speed which keeps the image still and doesn’t create much of a blur which will represent how fast the object or person is moving.


This image is a good example of frozen motion as it uses a fast shutter speed to create a movement image. You can tell that it is very different to a motion blur photo as the movement is still and doesn’t create a blurred effect on the image where as a motion blur picture does and the movement isn’t still.

Panning Photography

Panning Photography is a technique used with movement when creating an image. The way it works is that when a subject is moving you and the camera move with it so you go along with the movement. Initially it creates an image with a sharp and clear subject but a blurred background.


This is an example of panning photography as it captures the movement along the road of the person on the bike. It is very much a mixture of a Motion Blur Photo and a Frozen Motion Photo as the movement of the subject is frozen but the movement of the background as the bike moves is blurred. The camera has moved along with the bike and used quite a good focus and fast shutter speed in order to capture the movement and make it clear and sharp but also to create the blurred background.

Slow Sync Photography

Slow Sync Photography is a technique using flash in sync with a slow shutter speed. Using the flash enables you to create a different type of image as it allows you to use a lot more of a longer shutter speed so that you can create a motion picture with a flash which enhances the light and makes the image a lot brighter.


This image is an example of slow sync photography as it uses a slow shutter speed from the camera in sync with the flash connected to the camera. The camera allows you to create a better motion blur image because you can expose the shutter for longer and this is what has happened in this image. You can also see the blurred movement that the camera has captured as the person has moved her movement has been captured and you can see how her movement has changed throughout the image.





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